Event Japanese/English Notes Obtained by:
Morning - Greeting

おはようごさいます。本日も坊ちゃま共々、 よろしくお願いいたします Good morning. Today, I will be together with my young master. Let us do our best today as well.

'よろしくお願いいたします’ Can be interpreted as 'Thank you' or 'I appreciate your support' Intimacy Rank 4

Morning - Topic

朝のレッスンの準備はできているようですね。やる気がおありのようで、結構です。 Intimacy Rank 18

Afternoon - Topic 1


My young master doesn't welcome having lunch together..... Could he be going through his rebellious phase?

Intimacy Rank 6

Afternoon - Topic 2

ご予定がなければ、 ご一緒にお昼の休憩でもいかがでしょうか?

If you have no other plans, would you care to join me for the lunch break?

Intimacy Rank 20

Evening - Topic 1

あぁ。坊ちゃまの元へと思いましたのに、 また見失ってしまいました・・・・・・

Aah. Although I thought my young master had returned with you, I seem to have lost sight of him...

Intimacy Rank 8

Evening - Topic 2


I remain only to serve my precious lady.

Intimacy Rank 22

Night - Topic 1

おつかれでしょう。 そろそろお休みになられては?

You must be exhausted. Will you be resting soon?

Intimacy Rank 13

Night - Goodnight

おやすみなさいませ、 良い夢を。……ふわぁ、 ...…失敬

Goodnight, please sleep well. ......Yawn. ......Excuse me.

Intimacy Rank 26
Sweet Words - 1 私は、貴女のような方をお待ちしておりました

I have been waiting for a person like you.

From the "confession" video. Audio clip says "わたくし" and "あなた" instead. Intimacy Rank 27

Cut in - 1

お任せを! Intimacy Rank 12

Cut in - 2

お見せしましょう! Intimacy Rank 19

Cut in - 3

わたくしの歌の響きを! Intimacy Rank 25

Victory - 1

嬉しゅうございますね Intimacy Rank 7
Victory - 2 ふふっ、わたくしもユニットに貢献できたでしょうか Intimacy Rank 14

Victory - 3

満足いく結果でしたね Intimacy Rank 21

Defeat - 1

あぁ……申し訳ありません...… Intimacy Rank 9

Defeat - 2

これはチームとしてよろしくない結果ですね Intimacy Rank 17

Defeat - 3

不甲斐ないです... Intimacy Rank 23
Side as a student お掃除をご所望でしたら遠慮なく言ってくださいね♪ 徹底的に綺麗にして差し上げますよ。

If you would like me to clean for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

The later part is not in the text but the audio clip has it. Intimacy Rank 3
Side as an idol この学院に入り、アイドルを目指すのも全部。いつもお近くで坊ちゃまのお世話をさせていただくためです Completing Yuzuru's Special Event in fine Course
Other - 1 先ほど見かけない動物が……。そうですね、絵で描くとこういう……私の絵では伝わりませんね? The text writes"私" but the audio clip says "わたくし", his usual way of refering to himself. Intimacy Rank 11
Other - 2 わたくし、猫舌でして。熱いものは少々苦手でございます。 The phrase "having a cat's tongue" to the Japanese means having a sensitive tongue. Intimacy Rank 16
Other - 3 残念ながら、この学院は手入れが行き届いておりまして……わたくしが掃除するまでもないのです…… Intimacy Rank 24
Praise - 1 素晴らしいです

How wonderful.

Intimacy Rank 5
Praise - 2 良い出来でございますねっ、ふふっ

What a good work, fufufu.

Unlock in (Cleaning) Yuzuru Fushimi Idol road
Line from Main Story 1 ええ、それがわたくしの使命ですので。 Unlock in (Caretaker) Yuzuru Fushimi Idol road

Event Japanese/English Notes Obtained by:
Anytime 1

ああ! おやまてください…..!

Ah! Please stop...!

Anytime 2

ふふっ、 なにか御用ですか?

Fufu, what may I do for you? 

Anytime 3

おっ! .....と、 びっくりいたしました

Oh! ...Ah, you startled me.

Anytime 4

おや? 貴女から話しかけて下さるなんて嬉しいです

Oh? I'm quite delighted that my lady would talk to me.

Although he uses the term '貴女' (kijo), his audio clip actually uses the term 'あなた' (anata).

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