Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Yumenosaki Circus Prologue
Location: Garden Terrace
Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
Young master~?

Where are you hiding~? I won’t be angry, so would you please come out~?

Oh, transfer student-chan. I apologize for disturbing you in the middle of your meal.

Pardon the sudden question, but did you happen to see my young master anywhere?

I’ve searched all the places I thought he might be, but I haven’t been able to find him….

I feel that with each year, the young master only grows more skilled at running and hiding from me.

I wonder if it’s his rebellious phase. Although, to see him become more independent is something I would hope for.

My young master is quite the spoiled one, you see.

It probably isn’t doing him very much good being so attentive to him all the time, either.

It makes me a bit sad, but…. Well, My personal feelings are but a trifling matter.

Seeing how it’s the lunch break, I thought he might be having lunch, but he isn’t here at the garden terrace, either. Where else could he have gone, I wonder?

Transfer student-san, would you happen to have any idea?

As of recent, it would seem that my young master and you get along quite well, after all….?

I see. Very well, then. I apologize for the trouble I’ve caused you. Please excuse me, then. If you happen to see my young master, please do let me know.

Well then, please enjoy the rest of your lunch♪

Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render

….I-Is he gone? Has Yuzuru left yet?

Phew, I’m safe♪ He’s so persistent, so I was in a real pinch, you know~?

You did a good job not telling him that I was hiding under the table! It’s like you read my mind! ☆

This is what makes you such a good slave….♪

Now that that pest is gone, it’s time for lunch. Hehehe, thanks to you teaching me how to, I’ve learned how to purchase meal tickets now!

I ordered the katsudon today! The perfect meal for having overcome that obstacle! Ahahaha! ☆

Yuzuru would never make me something with this much nutritional value. Have you ever seen his bento?

They don’t taste like anything! Even hospital food is tastier!

Well, time to dig in~☆

N-nngh… The wooden chopsticks aren’t coming apart. Do it for me~ Or bring me a spoon!

Hey you, be my chair. And then hold me from behind and feed me!

(Kitty Dance) Tori Himemiya CG1
Tori Himemiya School Dialogue Render
This is how I always eat at home…. Aaaah~ munch munch! ♪

Ehehe, I really like you because you always listen to whatever I say! ☆

Munch, munch. Oh, right, there’s been something that’s been bothering me, so I’ve been trying to avoid dealing with it. It might be weird asking you for advice since you’re technically my enemy, but will you hear me out?

Well, it’s not like you’re exclusively “Trickstar’s” producer, so it’s fine, right?

Work for me, a member of “fine”~ Spoil me~ Okay, “producer”? ♪

So, like, apparently, “fine’s” going to be performing in a “circus”.

I heard that it’s the first time they’re doing it in the history of Yumenosaki Academy.

It’s being treated as a special type of DreamFes, and in terms of rank, it’d be “S1”.

The other day, that terrible “Trickstar” performed in the SakuraFes, didn’t they? Well, it looks like it went over pretty well, you know~?

The reason we let some inexperienced, greenhorn “unit” be in charge of the legendary “SakuraFes”….

Was because we at “fine” were planning to focus on the “circus”.

The president, “fine’s” center, has some health issues, you see~ So that’s why we couldn’t take part in consecutive large-scale Dream Festivals.

We let them perform instead on purpose, so don’t misunderstand, okay?

The strongest “unit” in Yumenosaki Academy is still us, “fine”! ☆

But you know~ Even though I said we’re doing a “circus,” is that even the kind of job that an idol should be doing?

From what I heard, we’re going to be seriously doing acts like flying trapeze and tightrope-walking.

There’s no way I could do that! Nuh-uh! One mistake and you could end up dead! That’s too scary!

If I, the treasure of the entertainment world, got injured, it’d be a huge issue!

….I don’t have any confidence. That’s why I ran away. I’m always like this, you know?

Hey, it might be unreasonable asking you since you’re still just an amateur at this, but what do you think I should do?

I want to be useful to the president. It’s always been my dream to stand together with him on the stage. But I don’t have the confidence.

Everyone else in “fine” is so skilled and capable of doing anything…. Whether it’s the “circus” or anything else, they’ll all just leave me behind, I bet.

It takes everything I have just to try and keep up with them….

I don’t have to become a burden for “fine”. I don’t want to hold back the president. But I can’t do anything! And that’s so frustrating!

….Sorry for bringing up such an awkward topic. The food’s getting cold, so let’s finish eating, okay?

I can’t keep running away forever. I know that. I’m also a member of “fine,” the strongest and most invincible top idol unit.

That’s why we can’t ever run away.

Hmph. It must be nice how you peasants can always come up with some reason to give up on things that are too hard.

But I can’t do that, ever!

What are you doing? Hurry up and feed me. You’re capable of doing something this easy, aren’t you? ….Aaaah~♪

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