Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Yumenosaki Circus Excite - 4
Location: Circus Tent Outdoors
Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render
Fufu. You shouldn’t boast too much like that, dear Himemiya. It’ll make us seem cheap, instead.

For the real show, we’re going to pull it off in a silent, elegant, and refined manner.

Tori Himemiya Circus Dialogue Render
Ah, President~☆

Look, look, I’m making the “producer” of that despicable “Trickstar” serve me! Praise me, praise me~♪

Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render
I see. You’ve made good progress, learning how to rely on others, Tori.

He can be a handful, but I’d appreciate it if you would continue looking after him from now on, as well…. transfer student-chan♪

Cough, cough. Anyway, it sure is bright out here. I’m starting to get a headache… Feels like I might pass out before the show even starts.

We’re thinking of heading back to the waiting room as soon as possible, but what about all of you?

Hinata Aoi Circus 2 Dialogue Render
It’s almost our time to go on, so we’re heading over to the tent. Transfer student, you and the others should hurry and go find your seats~
Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
He’s right. The area reserved for people related to the show is gonna get crowded, after all. You should hurry and find good seats and watch over us from the special seating! ♪
Hinata Aoi Circus 2 Dialogue Render
Thank you! The moment right before the show starts is always so exciting~☆
Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render
Right. We leave the opening act to you two gentlemen, “2wink”.
Hinata Aoi Circus 2 Dialogue Render
The same to you. We’re going to really warm up the stage for you guys, so you all better not put that to waste with some kind of crappy act, alright~?
Yuta Aoi Circus 2 Dialogue Render
Please don’t hold us back, Mr. President. You don’t look so good, either. Are you gonna be alright~?
Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render
Fufu. There’s no need to worry, this is how I always am. A slight illness ensures one a longer life. Knowing my weakness allows me to go stronger than anyone else.

Allow me to show you my brilliance, having been reborn after learning of defeat, much like a phoenix rising from the ashes♪

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Hmm. “Immortality” is supposed to be “UNDEAD’s” specialty, but you seem quite confident, hm?
Koga Oogami School Dialogue Render
Keh, lookit that show off. Taste the shame of failure, stupid!
Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Don’t howl like that, doggie. How embarrassing….

In any case, let us make our way to the seats now. Urgh, the sunlight is quickly sapping away my strength.

Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render
I can only imagine. Although you all share the title, “Three Oddballs,” it seems that each of you have your own unique characteristics.

As for our Wataru here, he becomes even more energetic the more time he spends bathing in the sunlight, you see?

(Illusionist's Surprise) Wataru Hibiki CG1
Wataru Hibiki Circus Dialogue Render
Come now, everyone, gather around! You’ll face a lifetime of disgrace is you were to miss this!

The “circus” show put on by Yumenosaki Academy’s prided idols is about to begin….☆

Amazing! You, the gentleman walking over there, and the lady, too! Boys and girls! Dogs and cats!

This is the showtime of the century that you simply cannot afford to miss…. Fuhahahaha☆

Rei Sakuma School Dialogue Render
Why is he putting on a street performance again? Oh, there’s so many doves flying out.
Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render
Although he might say it’s to attract a crowd, in reality, he’s probably just doing it because he finds it fun. Wataru truly is an enigma….♪
Hinata Aoi Circus 2 Dialogue Render
Hmph. But we’re the opening act~ I can’t believe he just went ahead and got started without us.
Yuta Aoi Circus 2 Dialogue Render
Well, since he’s attracting a crowd, it’ll benefit us in the long run, you know?
Yuzuru Fushimi Circus 2 Dialogue Render
Mr. President, I apologize for interrupting in the middle of your socializing.
Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render
Oh, Yuzuru. What’s the matter? You don’t look so well.
Yuzuru Fushimi Circus 2 Dialogue Render
Yes, well, it seems that a problem has occurred, so the vice-president requests your presence. I do hate to ask, but would you please come with me?
Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render
Hmm. I wonder what could have happened right before the show…. Since it’s Keito, is it something to do with the Student Council?

Have you heard anything?

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
No…. It’s a holiday, and the “circus” is an off-campus event, anyway, so the Student Council shouldn’t have that much to do with it. I seriously wonder what it could be, too.

I’m kinda worried now. I think I’m gonna go with the president to see the vice-president.

Makoto and the transfer student should head to the seats first. Ahh, geez, I’d really rather not have to deal with anything troublesome!

Makoto Yuuki School Dialogue Render
Ahaha, Isara-kun, you say that every time, but you’re always the one taking initiative to carry the burdens of things, huh~ ♪

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