Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Yumenosaki Circus Elegant - 2
Location: AV Room
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render
That said, I also wish he could quiet down a bit. It’s a little distracting.

I want to be able to concentrate on the video.

Wataru, you don’t have to stop talking entirely, but do you think you could control your volume a little…?

Wataru Hibiki Circus Dialogue Render
Oho? Are you telling me to die?
Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render
If at all possible, please die. Though something tells me you’d be a hard one to kill…. Anyway, what kind of video have you been watching exactly, Eichi?
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render
I expected you to ask that question sooner. I’ve just been checking the videos archives stored in this AV room.

Circuses, acrobatics, street performances…. I’ve been looking through every single recording they have here of those things, and examining them closely for the upcoming “circus”. I’ll memorize each action perfectly, imitate it, and absorb it.

All of this is practice for the “circus”.

Just sitting through classroom lectures doesn’t allow you to acquire the skills, but just through watching videos, you’re able to do it…. but that’s just the delusion you fall into.

Those are the types of things Keito might say, being the spoilsport he is, but this is my way of doing things.

I was hospitalized for a long time, and there were many days I was too weak to even hold a spoon by myself. That’s why I would watch videos everyday.

I must have watched them almost a million times, replaying them over and over, to the point that I’d even see them in my dreams….♪

It was like shadow boxing, filling my mind with these images and forming a synapse.

Fortunately, I’d say I’m rather skilled at it. In this way, I’m able to reproduce techniques that I’ve committed to memory.

Of course, it requires a lot of practice to pull it off perfectly, though. But rather than beginning from a completely blank slate, it makes it easier to pick up new skills this way.

By minimizing the amount of time I need to move, I lower the burden on this frail body of mine.

Using this method, I’ve acquired techniques and skills, one by one….

This time, it’s a “circus”. I’ll take in all the context that I haven’t come in contact with before, absorb it, and become even more invincible. That sensation makes me shiver with excitement.

It’s so much fun…. I’ll never forget this sensation of crawling up from even the deepest depths.

It’s boring to just sit still up on the throne. Let’s march, invade, and return victorious♪

Wataru Hibiki Circus Dialogue Render
Amazing☆ You truly are an emperor! What true military rule! As subjects, we are satisfied as long as His Majesty is seated upon his throne and issuing orders!

Just that alone is enough to ensure our victory!

I take pride in my imitation skills, but His Majesty’s ability is far superior in comparison!

How splendid! Truly, you are worthy of my service….☆

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render
I told Yuzuru the same thing, but I wish you wouldn’t call me that. This skill.… It’s an idea I came up with out of desperation for a frail person like me to be able to fight back against everyone else that’s so healthy.

Being sickly from birth, it took me nearly three times as much effort to run the same distance as everyone else.

Know your enemy, know yourself; the tortoise will triumph over the hare….♪

But this is my divine punishment for becoming arrogant after being called things like a top idol, or “emperor” all the time. The hare that neglects effort won’t be able to beat anyone.

I won’t act conceited ever again.

I won’t hesitate. Now that I’ve made it back to the top, I won’t surrender this position to anyone ever again.

You’ll support me, won’t you, Keito? Wataru? Yuzuru?

Yuzuru Fushimi School Dialogue Render
Yes. From the moment I was placed in “fine,” my life belonged to you. Please use it up to your heart’s content, as the foundation for your military rule.
Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render
Right. However, I’d like to keep it a secret from our cute Tori that I’m putting forth so much shameless effort like this. I want to maintain my image in front of him.

I want to be the hero who he admires, the one that casually pushes forth his military rule. In front of him, at least, if no one else.

He has a future ahead of him, so I don’t want him to be discouraged. I’ll become his hope.

No, I’ll become the sun. When I was in that dark hospital room, it was the idols on TV that gave me hope. And outside the window was the brilliantly shining sun.

Tori’s working hard too, so I have to also do my best so that he won’t be disappointed in me.

If I seem like I’m about to fall ungracefully, I expect you three to lend me a hand.

Wataru Hibiki Circus Dialogue Render
But of course! Oh, foolish yet honorable traveler who struggles so desperately to crawl up from the fragile sandbox and aim for the sun!

I, Wataru Hibiki, shall always be here to watch over your journey….☆

Keito Hasumi School Dialogue Render
Don’t push yourself too hard. Luckily, “Akatsuki” doesn’t have any DreamFes plans for now. I’ll take care of business for the Student Council.

Just do what you want to do. Give it your all, and make sure to not leave behind any regrets.

After all, the entire time you were in that hospital bed, you had to endure not being able to do the things you wanted to do.

Now that you’re standing onstage again, no matter what struggles you might face, overcome them. As your right hand, I’ll open up the way for you, at least.

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render
….I’m so thankful for you all, I think I might cry.

Up until now, I simply stood at the very top, fearful that I might fall down.

But all I had to do was look around and see that I had such wonderful companions. I pretended to be aloof, without relying on any of you.

I regret that, but now that I’ve realized it, I’ll be sure to treasure it this time. Right now, “failure,” “defeat,” and “impossible” are things that don’t exist to me.

Let’s sing out our story. We’ll let it ring loudly throughout everything in this world…. the sound of our ensemble.

It’s time we blow away that “Trickstar’s” feeble shine. We’ll bring back the light of the sun to Yumenosaki Academy, that’s been enveloped in darkness for so long.

Fufufu, my heart’s already pounding….♪

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