Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Tough Guy - 8
Location: Gym
Tetora Nagumo Gakuran Dialogue Render
...... Um, well, let's see.

Allllright. I think I've memorized it. I'll give it a shot. ♪

"Hi! I'm Tetora Nagumo, a cheerleader for Yumenosaki Academy, bringing cheer to everyone, man! ☆"*

  • translator's note: They're picking on Tetora for his speech idiosyncrasy, in which he adds "ssu" to the end of most of his sentences. Since I only really preserve major speech idiosyncrasies (Like Niichan's or Kanata's, for example), you can't see the idiosyncrasy in the majority of my translations for Tetora, even though he adds "ssu" to his speech 24/7. But for that portion of the script, I translated it as ", man" to make it visible in the script.
Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render
Wait a minute, "man" isn't in there. Can't you talk a bit more normally?
Tetora Nagumo Gakuran Dialogue Render
Huuh? Ah, sorry! I didn't mean to do that, man!

Yeah, adding stuff onto the lines without regard to the character's personality is rude to the person who wrote the scenario, man! Man, I'm sorry, Sister [player].

Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render
Well, I don't think little lady [player] will be offended by something like that. But depending on the client, they might get mad, you know?
Chiaki Morisawa Gakuran Dialogue Render
I understand, Nagumo. I, too, sometimes say and do strange things without meaning to.

Often during photography sessions, people get mad at me and say "Stop doing transformation poses! Your hand and foot movements are obnoxious!" But I don't mean to! I wish they would believe me!

Midori Takamine Gakuran Dialogue Render
It's not just Morisawa-senpai's speech that's obnoxious, his hand and foot movements are also obnoxious, huh........

Sengoku-kun also sometimes says "de gozaru" when he's singing and blushes, doesn't he......?

Is that all we "Ryuseitai" are..... Well, I, who starts grumbling "I wanna die, I wanna die," if I lose my focus, shouldn't really talk, though.......?

Tetora Nagumo Gakuran Dialogue Render
Yeah.... it's tough, huh. Well, we won't really be acting anyway, so we don't have to worry about it, though.

Boss will be acting as part of his job, though, you know.....?

Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render
Yeah, makes me nervous. Since I'm being compensated for my work as an actor, there's a lot of responsibility there.

So that's why I've got to put forth my all, and really get my acting down. And I also have to show the results of all your assistance, too, or I won't be able to uphold my honor.

Alright. I'm going to try out my acting too. Watch me closely, and give me your opinion.


Tetora Nagumo Gakuran Dialogue Render
(Ohh.... Boss is so intense! I feel like you probably shouldn't look so menacing in a “school drama,” but he looks so cool...... ☆)

(He makes a striking picture just standing there silently~ That's my Boss!)

(He looks so good, it makes you think he doesn't even need to act! Boss is perfect just being Boss! He's the greatest...... ☆)

(I wonder if “this” is the part of Boss that the director of the “school” drama saw in him..... ♪)


...... Boss? Nothing's going to start if you just stand there silently. Do some acting~?

Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render
Hm? Oh, well, I thought I was. You couldn't hear my lines? Should I say them a bit louder?
Tetora Nagumo Gakuran Dialogue Render
Eh? I didn't hear them. And you weren't acting anything out, that is, you were just standing there like a statute......?
Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render
Gah.... This is pretty tough.

When I try to say my lines, my body freezes up. When I try to move, the power in my voice disappears. My voice isn't that loud to begin with, anyway.

If I don't put my willpower into projecting my voice, probably people won't be able to hear me. Uh......

“Hi. I'm Kuro Kiryu, captain of the karate club.”

Tetora Nagumo Gakuran Dialogue Render
Huuh!? Well, you are, but... Boss, you are the captain of the karate club, but!

In the script, you're a cheerleader, see.....?

Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render
Ahh, is that right. Um..... Huh? I've completely forgotten the content of the scenario.
Tetora Nagumo Gakuran Dialogue Render
That was too fast! Boss, you forgot that so fast!?
Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render
Uh........ I remember the acting, I think.

Like this. It's like this, right?

Tetora Nagumo Gakuran Dialogue Render
That's a straight punch, boss! Charming!

But, I don't think this performance has anything to do with cheerleading~?

Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render
Hmm~? When I recall my lines and try to move, they take up all my focus, and my body goes off into the karate forms it knows.

This acting really is difficult......

Tetora Nagumo Gakuran Dialogue Render
Hm. It looks like this will be a greater difficulty than I was expecting.......

But the more trying the mission, the hotter I burn! I'm looking forward to this now~ Bwahahahaha ☆

Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render
Is that so. More than that, I still haven't seen memorized the script, so Tetsu, would you act it out ahead of me?

I don't really like to use my head much. I always leave that stuff up to Hasumi.

Subaru Akehoshi (Card) Dialogue Render
..... What do you think, Sari?
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Uhhm, well, how should I say it, I guess people have things they're good at, and things they're bad at, huh.

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