Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Tough Guy - 5
Location: Gym
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Oh, [player] is here. Hard at work, huh~ ♪

You're really being a good sport about this....... It sure is tough being a “producer,” huh?

Subaru Akehoshi (Card) Dialogue Render
[Player]~ Come here! The judge's seats are over this way.

Oh, what's that? A gift of a sports drink? You're giving it to me?

Thank you~ I was thirsty from running around all over the place! Glug, glug. ♪

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
[Player], don't sit down over there.

You'll get dust on you. I'll wipe it with a mop, so wait a minute. There's sweat all over the place too~ It'd be a mess if somebody slipped during the performance.

Chiaki Morisawa Gakuran Dialogue Render
Ahaha. I shouldn't be talking, but when [player] comes around, it sure gets noisy all the sudden, doesn't it?

But, [player]..... You sure took a while, huh. What happened?

You were supposed to be helping everybody get changed, but you can change into gakuran pretty quickly, can't you?

Hm. Not surprising, there wasn't any gakuran that would fit Kiryu's build, so you were helping adjust it, huh?

Sorry for the extra work. Since he's just acting it out, he would have been fine with just gym clothes, though.

Tetora Nagumo Gakuran Dialogue Render
Hello, pardon me! Tetora Nagumo, entering the arena!
Midori Takamine Gakuran Dialogue Render
Tetora-kun, this isn't the dojo....... You don't have to bow and announce yourself so politely like that, you know.....?
Tetora Nagumo Gakuran Dialogue Render
Etiquette is important, Midori-kun. Right, boss? ♪
Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render
Yeah. This is someone else's territory, after all. You should spare no courtesy. I'll bow as well. Hello.

Sorry, basketball club, intruding on you as a group like this.

Chiaki Morisawa Gakuran Dialogue Render
Oh..... Kiryu, that gakuran suits you unexpectedly well.
Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render
Is that so? Well, uniforms are made to look good on anyone, after all.

We adjusted it in a big rush, so it's a bit hard to move around, though.

Chiaki Morisawa Gakuran Dialogue Render
Hm. But, if you wear them while doing your act, you'll get into the mood better, right?

Like a “Transformation!” When you change into a costume, your energy rises.☆

Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render
Is that so. You always look like you're having fun, I'm jealous. I'm not mocking you, I'm actually fairly serious.

But even so, well..... If the gakuran looks good on me, that's a relief.

I don't think a “school drama” really fits me, but that gives me a little confidence, you know.

Tetora Nagumo Gakuran Dialogue Render
It really suits you, boss! You look so cool, I admire you~♪
Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render
Thanks, Tetsu. Haha, that feels a little strange.

When I was a middle schooler, I was absent from class all the time, up to no good, see. And I'm at Yumenosaki in high school, it isn't exactly a normal school.

So, when I heard it was a “school drama,” I didn't really know very well what it would entail. But standing here with you guys, all in the same uniforms.....

I feel I can understand this kind of youth, too.

Peacefully having a good time, with the friends you get along with well.... That doesn't sound too bad, either, huh.

At any rate. The director of that “school drama” apparently thinks I'm “just right for the image.”

So, that's why he asked me to do the performance, it seems.

I'm happy he favored me for the job, and I want to reward his expectations.

But even so, if I do poorly in my role, I would end up causing him trouble instead. I want to be able to give a performance that's fit to be watched, at least.

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