Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Tough Guy - 4
Location: Gym
Chiaki Morisawa Gakuran Dialogue Render
Anywaaay, I don't want to get in the way of the club activities, but...... If you want, would you guys like to help us coach Kiryu's acting, too?
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
I'm fine with that. After all, he takes care of me along with the vice president, too.

Today really felt like just a break from work, so "practice" was just me messing around with a basketball, really.

Chiaki Morisawa Gakuran Dialogue Render
Ah.... Now that you mention it, you "Trickstar" guys are scrambling with preparations for the "SS" at the end of the year, aren't you.

This is the little break you have. I'd like to let you rest, too...

Subaru Akehoshi (Card) Dialogue Render
Wow, you're actually thinking about our well-being, huh, Chi-chan-senpai~ ♪ Well, Sari's saying it's fine, and it sounds like fun.

So, what do you need us to do?

Chiaki Morisawa Gakuran Dialogue Render
Well, thanks. I sure have some good juniors, don't I?

Well, I've asked [player] for help with it, too, but I'd like you guys to evaluate his performance.

Nagumo and I are too close with Kiryu, so we can't judge him impartially. And it seems that Takamine is scared of Kiryu and can't look directly at him, so yeah.

We need someone who can calmly judge whether or not his performance is good from an audience's standpoint. If he isn't apprised of his flaws, he can't fix them.

And it seems that [player] doesn't really like to express her opinion, either...... So I wanted someone else other than her to judge the performance, too.

Subaru Akehoshi (Card) Dialogue Render
Ah... I guess maybe because [player] was just a beginner, too, she likes to ask other people's opinions in making decisions and judging things and stuff, doesn't she.

Even though she's already a splendid "producer."

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
I think so too. But, well, I guess men and women probably pay attention to different parts of a performance, too.

It wouldn't be much trouble to just watch the performance and give our opinion.... We'll help out, okay?

If there are more people judging the performance, the opinions overall will be more representative, so it's good in that respect, too.

But, well, it's not like we have abundant experience in acting, either, though.

So don't have too high of hopes for us, please.

If only Hokuto was here. Since he's in the drama club, I bet he could give some spot on advice.

Chiaki Morisawa Gakuran Dialogue Render
I see. It would be a great help if you would take up the role of judges.

Isara, you are respected as an outstanding idol, but you have never lost your down-to-earth sense. You have a rare sense of balance.

Akehoshi, you really don't make any judgments other than whether something is "shiny" or "not shiny," but that kind of gut-instinct method is often right.

That kind of natural sense is an irreplaceable skill.

I think that there could be no more appropriate people for the role of judges than you two.

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Chiaki Morisawa Gakuran Dialogue Render
Hm? What's wrong, Isara, staring like that?

Heheh, if you fall for me, you're going to get burned, you know?

Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Uh no..... It's just, you really just think well of everyone, don't you, captain.
Chiaki Morisawa Gakuran Dialogue Render
Heheh. ☆ That's what a captain- no, a leader! No, a "hero of justice" is all about.....!

Never overlooking bad deeds, sensing danger with all speed! To come running immediately, and resolve things perfectly!

That's Yumenosaki Academy's hero, Chiaki Morisawa of the Burning Heart...... Bwahahaha!☆

Subaru Akehoshi (Card) Dialogue Render
Wow, all the hand gestures sure are flashy and obnoxious~♪
Mao Isara School Dialogue Render
Haha, even if you didn't announce it all day every day, there's nobody who would say you aren't a hero, captain......♪

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