Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirements: Intimacy Level 2
Tori Himemiya sub story part 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Garden Terrace

Uuh~? Uuuuh~?

(This is baaad! I have no idea what to do!)

(Every single day, I have to eat healthy lunches! I hate it!! So I came to the cafeteria to shake off my slave, but...?)

(W-What kind of system does the cafeteria even use? I don't know!)

(Even though I've been waiting forever, nobody came to deliver any food! Or a menu! It doesn't make any sense!)

(Hasn't everyone else has already eaten properly~?)

(Ugh, I'm so hungry!)

(Uuohh~? I wonder if I should just eat my slave's lunch; Would it be good to bring him here?

(But... If I eat lunch with him, he'll be like 'You are not using your chopsticks properly..' or 'Eat your vegetables!' He's so annoying!)

(My slave, it's my slave's fault! Despite the fact that he's here when I don’t care about him not being here, he's never around when I want him to be here!)

(It's useless~.. I'll get scolded later!)

(Uuoh, what should I do.. I wonder if someone can tell me how to use the cafeteria system..?)

(No, absolutely not! If I have to beg a commoner, I'll die! No way!)

(If I have to ask someone of high status, I'll look like an idiot. I'd 'rather' just starve to death!)

(If they think I'm 'ignorant', it'll be annoying! It'll be a disgrace, since I should have a god-like prescence!)

(In the first place, by being in the same place as these idiots, I'll look like one too!)

(Uu. For some reason tears are coming out..)

...Hm? Oh, there's the commoner!

It's you, the commoner transfer student! You have some nerve, sitting next to me without asking!

Hey, you, haven't you been defying our student council recently~?

Cheeky newcomer, this Tori Himemiya will show you the style of Yumenosaki Academy

So, um. How about you teach me how would you go about ordering food...?

I'm starving to death like this! I'm so hungry!

If I die, it'll be a big loss for Yumenosaki Academy.. no, it'll be a big loss for the world, you know!

So... uuohh.. sob! When you're crying, don't you become extra hungry~?!

Hm? What is it~. You're.. giving me this hamburger?

This is a lot of food, so you can't eat all of it?

I get it, it's because this academy is like a boy's school, right~?

And with the cafeteria food, the portions are huge, you know~?

Well! Since it's unavoidable, I'll graciously accept this hamburger from the pitiful commoner!

This isn't begging, just so you know!

This is mercy, my noble obligation... ♪

Ehehe, thanks for the food ♪

H-huh?! What~? What's with the, 'Here, open wide ♪'

...Well, whatever, ignorance isn't a crime! A wild monkey like you can't possibly recognize my nobility!

Just this once, I'll forgive your rudeness! I'm very generous!

Aaah ♪

Chew, chew..... Ehehe, this is really good! Complements to the chef!

You, really interesting girl!

Instead of useless Yuzuru, you can be my slave ♪

Translator: Keitohasumi ?

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