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Tomoya Mashiro Manga Profile

"It's more than enough that I'm the only one polluted by the captain!"
Unit Rabbits logo cropped
Class 1-A
Club Theater Club
Age 15
Height 167cm
Weight 53kg
Handedness Right-handed
Blood Type A
Birthday March 29th (Aries)
Likes Pillows (can't sleep without his usual pillow)
Dislikes Bitter melons
Family Parents & little sister
Hobby Music & manga
Specialty Loved by animals
Voice Actor Shun'ya Hiruma (比留間俊哉)
First Debut Rebellion - 35 (Game)
Chapter 3 (Manga)
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An ordinary boy who grew up in an average family, Tomoya is a pushover. He hates it when others think he's weird because of the peculiar people around him, but he doesn't want to be seen as "average," either.

In the Theater Club, he loathes the eccentric Wataru Hibiki, but highly respects Hokuto Hidaka. Since they make him read all sorts of scripts, his speech tends to become mixed up as a result, and he has some trouble with formal speech. A member of the unit Ra✽bits.


Tomoya is a slightly shorter than average boy with an average build. His hair is short and a dirty blonde color. He has dull-colored brown eyes and thick eyebrows. He wears the school uniform, a white shirt with an unbuttoned collar and red tie under a beige vest with black stripes. His blazer is left open. He wears orange colored sneakers with white and black accents, and white laces.

On stage, Tomoya wears the Ra✽bits uniform--a blue and white sailor outfit. The collar is blue with a gold stripe and decorated with a blue bow with a white stripe. The bow is accented with a small gold star. The sleeve cuffs are also blue. The shirt is white and has a blue pocket on it, with gold buttons on the front. He wears blue shorts that reach right above his knees, accessorized with a bell on the side with dangling light blue and white ribbons. He wears white high socks with a blue stripe, together with brown boots with yellow laces. The uniform also has a blue beret decorated with a musical note.


  • The "Tomo" (友) in Tomoya's first name means "friend," while his last name means "pure white."
  • Tomoya's autograph consists of only his first name, rendered in hiragana. The style is exaggerated and carefree.
  • Nazuna's nickname for him is "Tomochin".
  • Wataru often makes Tomoya wear odd outfits and skirts or exaggerated costumes, while recording each costume and uploading it online.
  • Tomoya is very concerned that his little sister will find out about his mistreatment by Wataru, since she often visits the school to cheer on him.


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Character Name Tomoya's Nickname Nickname for them
Anzu (Protagonist) · Tomoya-kun (Novel) · Anzu-senpai

· Transfer student-senpai

Hajime Shino mini
Hajime Shino · Tomoya-kun · Hajime
Hinata Aoi mini
Hinata Aoi · Tomo-kun · Hinata
Midori Takamine mini
Midori Takamine
Mitsuru Tenma mini
Mitsuru Tenma · Tomo-chan · Mitsuru

· Idiot Mitsuru

Shinobu Sengoku mini
Shinobu Sengoku
Sora Harukawa mini
Sora Harukawa
Tetora Nagumo mini
Tetora Nagumo
Tomoya Mashiro mini
Tomoya Mashiro · Ore (俺)
Tori Himemiya mini
Tori Himemiya
Tsukasa Suou mini
Tsukasa Suou · Mashiro-kun · Suou
Yuta Aoi mini
Yuta Aoi
Adonis Otogari mini
Adonis Otogari
Arashi Narukami mini
Arashi Narukami · Tomoya-chan · Narukami-senpai
Hokuto Hidaka mini
Hokuto Hidaka · Tomoya · Hokuto-senpai
Koga Oogami mini
Koga Oogami
Makoto Yuuki mini
Makoto Yuuki · Tomoya-kun
Mao Isara mini
Mao Isara
Mika Kagehira mini
Mika Kagehira
Natsume Sakasaki mini
Natsume Sakasaki
Ritsu Sakuma mini
Ritsu Sakuma · Tomoya-kun
Souma Kanzaki mini
Souma Kanzaki
Subaru Akehoshi mini
Subaru Akehoshi
Yuzuru Fushimi mini
Yuzuru Fushimi
Chiaki Morisawa mini
Chiaki Morisawa
Eichi Tenshouin mini
Eichi Tenshouin
Izumi Sena mini
Izumi Sena · Tomoya-kun
Kanata Shinkai mini
Kanata Shinkai
Kaoru Hakaze mini
Kaoru Hakaze
Keito Hasumi mini
Keito Hasumi
Kuro Kiryu mini
Kuro Kiryu
Leo Tsukinaga mini
Leo Tsukinaga · Shiro · Tsukinaga-senpai
Nazuna Nito mini
Nazuna Nito · Tomo-chin · Nii-chan
Rei Sakuma mini
Rei Sakuma
Shu Itsuki mini
Shu Itsuki
Tsumugi Aoba mini
Tsumugi Aoba
Wataru Hibiki mini
Wataru Hibiki · Tomoya-kun · Masked Pervert

· Buchou
· Hibiki-senpai

Madara Mikejima mini
Madara Mikejima
Akiomi Kunugi Mini
Akiomi Kunugi
Jin Sagami Mini
Jin Sagami
Reimei Academy
Hiyori Tomoe mini
Hiyori Tomoe
Jun Sazanami mini
Jun Sazanami
Mademoiselle mini
Daikichi mini
Leon mini
King mini
Ruka Tsukinaga Mini
Adonis' Sisters

Voice Actor Comment

"When I first saw the character chart, my impression was that he's a very adorable character. He seems friendly and has great affection for his upperclassmen--basically, he's like a little puppy. I still remember feeling very perplexed when the director asked me to portray him as an average boy, with a capital A. I feel that it's the most difficult to portray an ordinary, 'average' protagonist. While acting Mashiro-kun's role, I kept wondering what kind of image the audience has of an average boy. I'm very excited to see how his relationships with his classmates, upperclassmen, and especially close friends will develop! I hope everyone will look forward to his stories as well. Please treat him kindly!"

Tomoya Mashiro
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