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Shinobu Sengoku Manga Profile

"I'm the only member of my Ninja Association!"
Unit RYUSEITAI logo cropped
Class 1-B
Club Ninja Association (only member)
Age 15
Height 159cm
Weight 50kg
Handedness Right-handed
Blood Type AB
Birthday June 9th (Gemini)
Likes Shuriken
Dislikes Cats
Family Parents
Hobby Raising frogs
Specialty Jumping through rings of fire
Voice Actor Anjyu Nitta (新田杏樹)
First Debut Ensemble - 110 (Game)
Chapter 6 (Manga)
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Shinobu is a chuunibyou and admires ninjas, establishing a ninja association all by himself and spending his days training alone. Ambitious, but simple-minded and gullible. He has a shy personality.

Since he tends to cause small fires during his training, the teachers are keeping an eye on him. He loves high places and attics. Athletic but not the smartest guy around, Shinobu doesn't quite make the best use of his own potential. A member of the broadcasting committee and also RYUSEI Yellow from the unit RYUSEITAI.


Shinobu is a short boy with an average build. His hair is a dark, dull purple color with two light yellow streaks on his bangs.his bangs cover his right eye. He has light golden eyes. He wears the school uniform with the white shirt unbuttoned at the collar and a red tie, as well as a black shirt underneath. He also wears a purple jacket under the school's blazer. He wears purple sneakers with white accents and laces.

On stage, he wears the yellow color version of RYUSEITAI's uniform. It includes a yellow leather jacket with white accents and a black shirt underneath. he also wears black form-fitting pants with a yellow stripe down the middle, accessorized with a star on a belt that has purple and yellow strings dangling from it and wrap around the waist. He also wears tall white boots with yellow accents, together with a pair of black fingerless gloves.


  • Shinobu's full name consists of Sengoku (仙石), where the two characters respectively mean "hermit/wizard" and "stone," and Shinobu (忍), meaning "ninja." His family name is a pun on the homophonous word 戦国 (Sengoku), the Warring States Period in Japan and also popularly stereotyped as the age of the ninjas. Combined, his full name can be taken to mean "a ninja from the Sengoku era."
    • His name reflects his chuunibyou that's centered around being a ninja.
  • Shinobu's speech pattern is strongly influenced by the spoken language of the Sengoku era.
  • Shinobu's autograph consists of his full name rendered in kanji, playfully written and reflecting his childish personality, with his first name featuring the drawing of a small shuriken.


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Character Name Shinobu's Nickname Nickname for them
Anzu (Protagonist) · Sengoku-kun (Novel) · Transfer student-dono

· Anzu-dono

Hajime Shino mini
Hajime Shino
Hinata Aoi mini
Hinata Aoi
Midori Takamine mini
Midori Takamine · Sengoku-kun

· Shinobu-kun (Post-Strawberry Colored Holiday)

· Midori-kun
Mitsuru Tenma mini
Mitsuru Tenma
Shinobu Sengoku mini
Shinobu Sengoku · Sessha (拙者)
Sora Harukawa mini
Sora Harukawa
Tetora Nagumo mini
Tetora Nagumo · Sengoku-kun

· Shinobu-kun (Post-Repaymentfes)

· Tetora-kun
Tomoya Mashiro mini
Tomoya Mashiro · Mashiro-dono
Tori Himemiya mini
Tori Himemiya
Tsukasa Suou mini
Tsukasa Suou
Yuta Aoi mini
Yuta Aoi · Sengoku-kun (initally)

· Shinobu-kun

· Aoi-kun (initally)

· Yuuta-kun

Adonis Otogari mini
Adonis Otogari
Arashi Narukami mini
Arashi Narukami
Hokuto Hidaka mini
Hokuto Hidaka · Sengoku · Hidaka-dono
Koga Oogami mini
Koga Oogami
Makoto Yuuki mini
Makoto Yuuki · Shinobu-kun · Yuuki-dono
Mao Isara mini
Mao Isara · Sengoku · Isara-dono
Mika Kagehira mini
Mika Kagehira
Natsume Sakasaki mini
Natsume Sakasaki
Ritsu Sakuma mini
Ritsu Sakuma
Souma Kanzaki mini
Souma Kanzaki
Subaru Akehoshi mini
Subaru Akehoshi
Yuzuru Fushimi mini
Yuzuru Fushimi
Chiaki Morisawa mini
Chiaki Morisawa · Sengoku

· Ryuusei Yellow
· Yellow

· Taichou-dono
Eichi Tenshouin mini
Eichi Tenshouin · First year Sengoku Shinobu-kun · That "Emperor"
Izumi Sena mini
Izumi Sena
Kanata Shinkai mini
Kanata Shinkai · Shinobu · Shinkai-dono
Kaoru Hakaze mini
Kaoru Hakaze
Keito Hasumi mini
Keito Hasumi
Kuro Kiryu mini
Kuro Kiryu
Leo Tsukinaga mini
Leo Tsukinaga
Nazuna Nito mini
Nazuna Nito · Shinobun · Nito-dono
Rei Sakuma mini
Rei Sakuma
Shu Itsuki mini
Shu Itsuki
Tsumugi Aoba mini
Tsumugi Aoba
Wataru Hibiki mini
Wataru Hibiki
Madara Mikejima mini
Madara Mikejima Shinobu-san Mikejima-dono
Akiomi Kunugi Mini
Akiomi Kunugi
Jin Sagami Mini
Jin Sagami
Reimei Academy
Hiyori Tomoe mini
Hiyori Tomoe
Jun Sazanami mini
Jun Sazanami
Mademoiselle mini
Daikichi mini
Leon mini
King mini
Ruka Tsukinaga Mini
Adonis' Sisters

Voice Actor Comment

"Shinobu Sengoku-kun has a mild (?) case of chuunibyou where he greatly admires the ninja, but he's also a cute boy and a hard worker!
Please, please play with him. He's going to say something along the line of 'Ninjas are lone wolves...,' but I'm sure he'll be quite rejoiced (laugh). Of course, aside from Shinobu-kun, there are also many other charming characters.
I hope you will get to know the various characters and fully enjoy the world of Ensemble Stars!"

Shinobu Sengoku

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