1st Year Students

Hajime Shino

Fellow member of the Tea Club. Ritsu enjoys being spoiled by Hajime, as well as playing around with him.
In Phantom Thieves VS Detectives, it is revealed that Hajime tutors Ritsu, despite being in a grade lower than him.

Hinata Aoi

Midori Takamine

Mitsuru Tenma

Shinobu Sengoku

Sora Harukawa

Tetora Nagumo

Tomoya Mashiro

Tori Himemiya

Tsukasa Suou

Fellow member of the same unit, Knights. Tsukasa often scolds Ritsu for his "Unknightly" behavior.
In Mall Live, Tsukasa mentions that Ritsu is a great dancing coach to him.

Yuta Aoi

In Test of Courage, Ritsu often enjoyed teasing Yuta.

2nd Year Students

Adonis Otogari

Adonis has offered to capture Ritsu for Rei, though he declined, as Rei knew that would only anger Ritsu.


Anzu's fellow second year. Ritsu initially acts standoffish around Anzu. In his first substory, he asks her to either move her phone talk somewhere or die, as he is sleeping in the vicinity. However, having her judge his pastry fairly in Sweets Patisserie improves his opinion on her. He grows fond of her in Duel because she listens to everything he says, and finds her a comfortably silent sleeping pillow with a nice scent. In the same event, he gets a taste of her blood and takes liking to it. Ritsu can often be seen pestering Anzu for blood or lap pillow in following events.
Dark Night Halloween reveals Ritsu often talks about Anzu to his classmates and refers to her as "hugging pillow" or "emergency ration". They seem to be in comfortable terms where they can tell their worry to each other. Ritsu considers Anzu along his childhood friend Mao the only people who understand him.

Arashi Narukami

Fellow member of the same unit, Knights. Though Arashi likes to dote over him, Ritsu seems to have little care in regards to him. Arashi also finds the fact that Ritsu being older than him troublesome.

Hokuto Hidaka

Koga Oogami

Ritsu's classmate from 2-B. Ritsu enjoys teasing Koga, calling him "Corgi" and generally being playfully mean to him. In Dark Night Halloween, Ritsu teases Koga plenty by making him eat his sweets, and do things like sing and dance for him, as well as call him "Master" and get walked by him.

Makoto Yuuki

Mao Isara

Ritsu's childhood friend who he deeply cares about, and enjoys being spoiled by.

Mika Kagehira

Natsume Sakasaki

Souma Kanzaki

Subaru Akehoshi

Yuzuru Fushimi

3rd Year Students

Chiaki Morisawa

Eichi Tenshouin

The Captain of the Tea Club. The two tend to bicker over meaningless things, but are otherwise on good terms.

Izumi Sena

Fellow member of the same unit, Knights.

Kanata Shinkai

Kaoru Hakaze

Keito Hasumi

Kuro Kiryu

Leo Tsukinaga

Leader of his unit, Knights. Though Ritsu does acknowledge Leo as Knights's leader and king, he doesn't hesitate to make Leo do slave work for him.

Nazuna Nito

Rei Sakuma

Ritsu's older brother who he generally act colds towards. His dislike towards Rei is often expressed extremely harshly, such as declining the fact that he has a brother or threatening to kill him.
In Dark Night Halloween, it was revealed that his brother got him a coffin and regularly uses it, though he dislikes how cramped it is.

Shu Itsuki

Tsumugi Aoba

Wataru Hibiki


Akiomi Kunugi

Jin Sagami