Wataru Hibiki mini event fountain

Maybe I should learn from your example and transform myself...?"

Location: Fountain
Try cross-dressing 女装してみる Red Fragments
Character response: "おや、これは意外にも演劇部で何度かしているのですよ。今度部室にきたら見せて差し上げましょう・・・・・・ ☆"
Wear a pair of groucho glasses 鼻眼鏡をかける Trust Up
Character response: "フフフ・・・・・・、愉快ですねぇ。かわいい後輩たちが狼狽える姿が目に浮かびます・・・・・・ ☆"
Get a haircut 髪を切る Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "ここまで伸ばした髪を切る......ああ!これは学院中を驚かせられそうですね! いつでも実践できるのがいいですですねぇ......☆ (From now on I will cut the hair I've grown out...ah! That would really surprise the school, wouldn't it? I'd be down to do it any time.)"
Correct Choice: Get a haircut (髪を切る)

Wataru Hibiki mini event theater club room
"やぁやぁ、転校生さん! 質問しましょう、私のジャケットから何が出てくるか当ててみてください……☆

Hello, hello, transfer student-san! Let me ask you a question: what do you think will come out of my jacket...? ☆"

Location: Theater club room
A dove. ハト Blue Fragments
Character response: "Such a boring, mediocre answer is unfitting for a top notch producer! I request a more exciting answer!"
I don't know. わからない Blue Fragments
Character response: ""
Hibiki-senpai. 日々樹先輩 Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Amazing! It would be quite the surprise if another me came out. An excellent answer.... ☆"
Correct Choice: Hibiki-senpai (日々樹先輩)

Wataru Hibiki mini event stage
"おやおや、どうしました? 髪がボサボサじゃありませんか、整えて差し上げましょう……☆

Oh my, what's wrong? Your hair's a mess. Let me fix it for you... ☆"

Location: Stage
Ponytail. ポニーテール Luck Down
Character response: "ふむ、何だか新鮮味に欠けますねぇ? もっと奇抜な髪型で新しい自分を開花させましょう!"
Twintail. ツインテール Fever Up
Character response: "フフフ、何だかいつもより幼く見えますねぇ? どうです? 衣装を着せてアイドルっぽく遊んでみましょうか・・・・・・ ☆"
Braid 編み込み Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "There! It's wild like an African Native's hair. Fufufu! It surprisingly suits you!"
Correct Choice: Braid (編み込み)

Wataru Hibiki Mini Event Stairs
"フフフ……☆ 転校生さん、学生が一番楽しみにしているランチタイムですよ! 何を食べましょうか……☆

Fufufu... ☆ Transfer student-san, it's finally the students' well-awaited lunch time! What will you be having...? ☆"

Location: Stairs
Cup noodles カップ麺 Red Fragments
Character response: "プロデューサーは食事の時間も惜しいほど、忙しいと・・・・・・。いけませんね、私から差し入れをあげましょう・・・・・・ ☆"
Bread and milk パンと牛乳 Blue Fragments
Character response: ""
A bento お弁当 Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Did you make it yourself? What- it's your mother's cooking! It's overflowing with love......☆"
Correct Choice: A bento (お弁当)

Hibiki Wataru mini event 1st floor passage
Location: 1st Floor Passage
Tenshouin Eichi 天祥院英智 Red Fragments
Character response: "『あはは、あんずちゃんはユーモアがあって面白いねぇ ♪』・・・・・・私に頼まず、本人にこの話をするといいですよ ♪"
Sakuma Rei 朔間零
Character response: ""
Hasumi Keito 蓮巳敬人 Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "『ふふ、あんずはよくやっている。おまえはよくできた生徒だ ♪』・・・・・・これは本人にバレたときが楽しみですねぇ ♪"
Correct Choice: 蓮巳敬人

Hibiki Wataru mini event theater club room
Location: Theater Club Room
Character response: ""
Character response: ""
観劇 Heart
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: 観劇

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