Tori mini event garden terrace options
"Ugh! Yuzuru is always saying 'You can't do that, you can't do this!' He never lets me do anything! I'm not a child anymore!"
Location: Garden Terrace
Invite him to tennis. テニスに誘う Blue Fragments
Character response: "You wanna do a rally, transfer student? Alright, I'll be your opponent but isn't a 10,000 level player a bit too much for you, transfer student?"
Invite him to go walking by the sea shore. 海辺の散歩に誘う Blue Fragments
Character response: "The ocean? Instead of getting near the sea breeze, having tea on the garden terrace sounds better. I wanna eat pastries!"
Invite him for some pastry making. お菓子作りに誘う Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Transfer student will make them with me? I'd be fine just waiting for you to finish them, but bragging about it to Yuzuru doesn't sound bad either ♪"
Correct Choice: Invite him for some pastry making (お菓子作りに誘う).

Tori Himemiya mini event fountain
"Today had a lot of practice too... I'm so tired, when I get home, I'm going to go sleep in a fluffy bed right away..."
Location: Fountain
You can't sleep in a futon? 布団では寝ないの? Luck Down
Character response: "Isn't the ground where commoners sleep~? Since I'm a noble, the place where I should be sleeping should be way higher!"
How about a double size bed? ダブルサイズのベッド? Fever Up
Character response: "I can't possibly sleep together in a double bed with my pet dog~ I can't even toss and turn in it no matter how hard I try, sleeping in a bed like that would be pointless!"
How about a king size bed? キングサイズのベッド? Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "That's right, everyday beautiful sheets and fluffy pillows should be put in it...I think only that much is acceptable to sleep in ♪"
Correct Choice: How about a king size bed? (キングサイズのベッド?)

Tori Himemiya mini event lockers area
"Transfer student! Yuzuru keeps following me! Hide me!"
Location: Lockers Area
Submit to Yuzuru. 弓弦に差し出す Luck Down
Character response: "M-monster..! Such shameless actions for a slave, at least spoil the cute me a little bit~!"
Hide together with him under a cover. 物陰に一緒に隠れる Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Did he go? He's not nearby anymore, right? Ahh~ I was so scared!"
Drive Yuzuru away. 弓弦を追い払う Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "As expected from Slave #2~☆ Since you were able to do it, I'll praise you ♪"
Correct Choice: Drive Yuzuru away. (弓弦を追い払う)

Tori Himemiya mini event outdoor stage
"Ahh~ I'm exhausted. I'm sweating so much... You're lending me a handkerchief? Hm. What kind of embroidery..."
Location: Outdoor Stage
Frog embroidery. カエルの刺繍 Yellow Fragments
Character response: "What the heck is this~ It looks like something more for my classmate Shinobu's tastes, how unbelievable! I expect something cuter!"
Squirrel embroidery. リスの刺繍 Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Transfer student also wants those, aren't we well-matched? Huh? It's because of my choice in small animals?"
Bear embroidery. クマの刺繍 Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Wow, isn't that an interesting hobby? I also once collected teddy bears when I was younger...♪"
Correct Choice: Bear embroidery. (クマの刺繍)

Tori Himemiya Mini Event Garden
"Yuzuru thinks the food at the cafeteria isn't nutritionally balanced, so he waits around during lunch to ambush me and it's driving me crazy~! I'm a growing boy. I need more food~"
Location: Garden Space
Give him candy お菓子をあげる Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Huh? I don't take handouts from commoners, but... You're a producer, so it doesn't count, right......?"
Invite him to cook with you 料理に誘う Red Fragments
Character response: "Oh, yeah. If you make it, then Yuzuru should be fine with it. If you just cook something the way I tell you to, everyone wins, right?"
Hand him a paper 紙を渡す Red Fragments
Character response: "Give him a written petition? No way, that'd never work. I tell him what I think all the time, but he never listens. I doubt writing it out would make a difference."
Correct Choice: Give him candy (お菓子をあげる)

Location: Lockers Area
努力してるんだね Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: ""
Character response: ""
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: 努力してるんだね

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