Tomoya Mashiro mini event classroom
"(yawn).... I'm not getting much sleep lately, with all the practice and homework I've been doing. Gotta hurry home and sleep..."
Location: Classroom
宿題を手伝う Help him out with his homework. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Ahaha, it would be wrong of me to let the producer help me out."
冷えたドリンクを渡す Hand him a cold drink. Red Fragments
Character response: "Cold! Oh, it's juice...? You surprised me, but thanks to that, I'm wide awake!"
頬をつまむ Pinch his cheek. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Owww... Huh? You'll get mad if I push myself too hard? Ahaha, it's strange to be the one being scolded, since it's usually the other way around."
Correct Choice: Pinch his cheek. (頬をつまむ)

Tomoya Mashiro mini event garden
"Ah, senpai! You're going to go eat at the garden terrace, right? I have a bentou with me as well, so can we go eat together?"
Location: Garden
何か奢る I'll treat you to something. Red Fragments
Character response: "Eh, are you sure? I'm happy that you're offering, but I'm still growing and have a healthy appetite, so I can't let you treat me..."
中身が気になる I'm curious to see what's inside your bentou. Trust Up
Character response: "I don't mind, but only just a little. Since I was in a hurry today, I may not have seasoned it right."
手作り弁当? A homemade bentou? Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Ehehe, it's not that good, though. When my parents are busy, I make my little sister's and then my own... ♪"
Correct Choice: A homemade bentou? (手作り弁当?)

Tomoya Mashiro mini event hallway
"Ah, senpai! It seems like the weather is going to get pretty bad in the afternoon.... did you bring an umbrella?"
Location: Hallway
忘れてきたかも I think I forgot. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "そ、そうですよね〜! 俺も忘れちゃって、帰りは創に入れてもらおうかな・・・・・・"
ばっちり用意している! I've got one prepared perfectly! Yellow Fragments
Character response: "As I figured, girls are more prepared. I should be more like you..."
一緒に入って帰る? Do you want to go home together under mine? Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "...Eh, is that okay? Actually, I forgot mine. Ehehe, you're a lifesaver! ♪"
Correct Choice: Do you want to go home together under mine? (一緒に入って帰る?)

Tomoya Mashiro Hallway Mini Event 2
"Ahh, Senpai. I've got a sudden exam after this. Hmm, I guess last minute cramming wouldn't work, huh..."
Location: Hallway
山を張る Make educated guesses. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Focusing on studying only the things I know will be on the test could be a good strategy. I'll try that out!"
運試しする Try your luck. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Just wing it!? I guess it is too late to start studying now. I don't know how I'll do, but I'll try my best!"
コツがある I'll teach you a trick. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "...I see! I think I have a chance after you've taught me that memorization method!"
Correct Choice: I'll teach you a trick (コツがある)

Tomoya Mashiro mini event fountain
"*Sigh*...... I wonder what "individuality" really is anyways. Everyone else is so unique that it's too hard for me to try to be like them."
Location: Fountain
さらけ出してみたらいい You should try speaking your mind. Blue Fragments
Character response: "By speaking my mind, do you mean voicing my complaints...? I sorta feel like I'm always doing that though, so I guess it's pretty normal......"
ありのままがいい You should just be yourself. Blue Fragments
Character response: "I shouldn't worry about it and just be myself? Hmm, I kind of feel like I'm too plain and boring the way I am now, though."
いまのままがいい You're fine the way you are. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "I'm fine the way I am? It's kind of embarrassing being told that straight to my face......"
Correct Choice: You're fine the way you are. (いまのままがいい)

Tomoya Mashiro mini event passage
"Hmm. Tall people have big feet, right? Judging by the size of my feet, I think I still have room to grow......"
Location: 1st Floor Passage
身長がほしいの? Do you want to be taller? Red Fragments
Character response: "Um, well...... Takamine's tall and he stands out a lot. I figured if I was tall, maybe I'd be more unique."
きっと伸びる I'm sure you'll grow. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Yeah...! If I get tall enough to overtake the masked pervert, I could become a cool prince like Hokuto-senpai!"
伸びない人もいる Some people don't grow any taller. Red Fragments
Character response: "What? Really!? I wont be able to make myself stand out with my height then, will I?......"
Correct Choice: I'm sure you'll grow. (きっと伸びる)