Subaru Akehoshi mini event classroom
"Nice work, Transfer student! I'm hungry, and I'm thinking about going to the dining hall. Do you want to come along?"
Location: Classroom
I want to eat pastries. パンが食べたい Luck Down
Character response: "Then I guess you'd prefer to go to the school shop? I want to eat until I'm full, so I'm going to the dining hall~"
I brought my own lunch box. お弁当を持ってきた Fever Up
Character response: "Oh, you made your lunch yourself? Oh wait, your mom made it, not you? I see. I kind of want to try something made by you~"
I want to eat with everyone. みんなと食べたい Heart (Fever)
Character response: "Nice idea. Sounds like it'll be fun to eat with all the practicing members! All right, let's compete and see who can get to the dining hall first ☆"
Correct Choice: I want to eat with everyone. (みんなと食べたい)

Subaru Akehoshi mini event classroom 2
"Transfer student~☆! Look, look! The frames were all shiny and stuff, so I borrowed Ukki's glasses! ♪"
Location: Classroom
I think you should hurry back and return them. 早く返してあげたほうがいいと思う Red Fragments
Character response: ""
They look pretty good on you. なかなか似合ってる Red Fragments
Character response: "If Transfer student praises me, maybe I should try wearing them from time to time ♪"
They make you look smart. かしこそうに見える Heart (Fever)
Character response: "Right~? ♪ Ehe. If there's ever anything you don't understand, I'm all ears, transfer student.... ☆"
Correct Choice: They make you look smart. (かしこそうに見える)

Subaru Akehoshi mini event classroom 3
"Hey hey, do you go out anywhere during your day offs, transfer student? I go and take Daikichi out for walks around the neighbourhood a lot, for instance!"
Location: Classroom
I go on small outings by train. 電車で少し遠出 Heart (Fever)
Character response: "The train, huh? That sounds nice ☆ I kind of want to go on a small outing and have some fun, too~"
I go on a bike ride along the nearby seashore. 自転車で近くの海辺 Trust Up
Character response: "Heh~ You go to the beach by yourself? A girl all alone on the beach... that's kind of youthful~ ☆"
I just idle about in my house. 家の中でごろごろ Red Fragments
Character response: "That's such a waste~ It's a day off, you know? You prefer to recharge yourself at home? Hmm... I guess that's ok once in a while."
Correct Choice: I go on small outings by train. (電車で少し遠出)

Subaru Akehoshi mini event stage
"Say, producer? We Trickstar usually perform our lives in sneakers, but the other units often wear boots, right? Do you think we should wear boots, too~?"
Location: Stage
The heels would worry me. ヒールがあると心配 Yellow Fragments
Character response: "You're worried that we're going to trip and fall? It'll be all right. We're idols; we can put on the best show in any kind of outfit!"
Sneakers are part of the unit's personality. スニーカーも『ユニット』の個性 Yellow Fragments
Character response: ""
I'll prepare some boots for next time. 今度はブーツを用意する Heart (Fever)
Character response: "Uwah, then I'd like something metal and shiny! It'd be interesting to wear boots that are all sparkly like a disco ball, too!"
Correct Choice: I'll prepare some boots for next time. (今度はブーツを用意する)

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