Shinobu Sengoku mini event lecture hall
"Ah, good timing! I just picked up something that someone forgot. Where should I return this...?"
Location: Outside Lecture Hall
椚先生に預ける Return it to Kunugi-sensei. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "た、たしかに先生に預けるのが正解でござるが、ついさっき怒られたところで行きづらいでござる・・・・・・"
何を拾ったの? What did you pick up? Yellow Fragments
Character response: "いいにおいのする小さなお守りでござる! 投げつけると、においが出て敵を気を引きつける道具ではござらんだろうか・・・・・・"
生徒会に預ける Return it to the Student Council. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "That's a good idea! Mao-dono also asked me to run an errand for him, so this is killing two birds with one stone... ♪"
Correct Choice: Return it to the Student Council (生徒会に預ける).

Shinobu Sengoku Mini Event Rooftop
"Fufun~ ♪ Oh, Transfer Student, My Lady. You're asking me what I'm doing? Why, I'm making dried meat!"
Location: Rooftop
ヤモリが干してある Dried Lizard Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Through the ages, lizards have been regarded as a food with lots of nutrition! With this, your lifespan will increase by 10 years!"
野菜が干してある Dried Vegetable Red Fragments
Character response: "干すと栄養価が高くなるって、最近雑誌で読んだので実践してるのでござる。 新しい兵糧丸の材料になりそう・・・・・・♪"
魚が干してある Dried Fish Red Fragments
Character response: "学院の裏手にある海で釣った魚でござる。 お金がない時の命綱で・・・・・・ くさっ! 誰かいたずらでクサヤを混ぜたでしょ!?"
Correct Choice: Dried Lizard (ヤモリがしてある)

Shinobu Sengoku Mini Event Outdoor Stage
"I'm in the middle of discovering a new technique! Now, would you like to guess what that technique is?"
Location: Outdoor Stage
口から火を吹く術 Fire Blowing Technique Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Well done! I saw it in a manga, I thought it looked super cool!"
姿がみえなくなる術 Disappearing Technique Blue Fragments
Character response: "すでに実践しているのでござるが、まだ未完成でよく衣更殿に見つかるのでござる〜"
水の上を歩く術 Walking On Water Technique Yellow Fragments
Character response: "・・・・・・それは校門前の噴水で試そうとしたら、深海殿に『水浴び』と勘違いされたでござる。"
Correct Choice: Fire Blowing Technique (口から火を吹く術)

Shinobu Sengoku Mini Event Grower barn
"Transfer Student, My Lady~! I watched the Ninja Fortune-telling on TV the other day, and apparently, you should grow a hemp tree and then jump over it!"
Location: Grower Barn
アイドルは? As an idol? Blue Fragments
Character response: "も、もちろんアイドルの仕事もレッスンも忘れてないでござるよ! 拙者は忍者でありアイドルでござる!"
応援する I'll cheer you on. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "While everyone ignored me, only transfer student-dono is my ally......! I will become a great ninja and show you!"
あやしい It sounds suspicious. Blue Fragments
Character response: "そ、そんなこと言わないで・・・・・・! 転校生殿は拙者のよき理解者だと信じているでござるよ・・・・・・"
Correct Choice: I'll cheer you on (応援する).

Shinobu Sengoku Mini Event Lecture Hall 2

The truth is, I regularly look for new routes in the school for missions. It's a one-man exploration party~♪"

Location: Outside Lecture Hall
一緒に探検する Let's explore together Red Fragments
Character response: "狭いところは服を汚してしまうかもしれないでござるし。外の死角になりそうなところを一緒に探してほしいでござる。

You might dirty your clothes in such confined spaces. I'd rather check outside for blind spots together."

隊員は……? What about your group members......? Red Fragments
Character response: "それが、翠くんには面倒くさいと断られてしまい。鉄虎くんは正面突破と言われて、方向性が違ったようでござる

Well, Midori-kun said it was annoying and refused. Tetora-kun said we'd just break through from the front; it seems he was going about it incorrectly."

隠し通路を知っている I know a secret passageway Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "そのルート、拙者知らないのでござる! ううむ、仕掛けが多いでござるなこの学院。かつて城だったのでは……?

I don't know of that route! Hmm, this school has many tricks. Perhaps it was once a castle......?"

Correct Choice: I know a secret passageway (隠し通路を知っている)

Shinobu Sengoku Mini Event Garden Space
"カエルは拙者のお供であり、お友だちでござるよ~♪ いや、むしろ家族のようなもっと身近な存在やもしれぬ"
Location: Garden Space
カエルのぬいぐるみをあげる Give a frog plushie Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "こ、これは拙者もほしいと思っていたシリーズの限定版! うわぁい、コレクションが増えたでござる♪"
カエルに関する本をあげる Give a book about frogs Blue Fragments
Character response: "ヘ、ヘビの本でござるな? 天敵を知ることも大事とは言うものの、このへんでは出ない気もするのでござるが・・・・・・"
カエルの餌をあげる Give frog food Blue Fragments
Character response: "魚肉ソーセージ、たしかに食べるという話を聞いたことがあるでござる。食費が浮くので助かるでござる!"
Correct Choice: Give a frog plushie (カエルのぬいぐるみをあげる)