Rei Sakuma mini event hallway
"はぁ、めまいがするのう……? 我輩にとって現代社会は、どこもかしこも生きにくい世界じゃ

Haah, I’m feeling a bit dizzy…For me, this modern society is a world so difficult to live in, no matter where I go."

Location: Hallway
日傘を差し出す Hold out a parasol Yellow Fragments
Character response: "While it’s true that sunlight is also my enemy, that’s not exactly what I mean. It’s only the "modern society" that bothers me."
車の排気ガス Exhaust from cars Blue Fragments
Character response: "Right, I’m not good with smoke, either. As there’s plenty of nature around here, it’s not quite as bad, but the teacher’s cigarette smoke, on the other hand…"
トマトジュース Tomato juice Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "You’re always preparing this for me. Thank you. Everyone else is so cold, so your kindness is much appreciated…"
Correct Choice: Tomato juice (トマトジュース)

Rei Sakuma mini event light music club room

Lately, I’ve been considering getting something new for my coffin, but what would be good…?"

Location: Light Music Club room
ぬいぐるみ Stuffed animals Red Fragments
Character response: "Do I seem lonely to you? Well, I suppose I do always wish that Ritsu would go back to how he used to be before…"
ジュース サーバー Juice server Red Fragments
Character response: "It’d be convenient to be able to drink whatever I wanted at any time. But I’d have to think of a place to put it, first."
パソコン Personal computer Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "If I had that, I’d be able to do anything… ♪ I’d have no need to leave my coffin."
Correct Choice: Personal computer (パソコン)

Rei Sakuma mini event light music club room 2

Oh, young lady. Seeing how I can’t move around freely during the day, won’t you buy me something to eat?"

Location: Light Music Club room
野菜ジュース Vegetable Juice Red Fragments
Character response: "Hm. While I do enjoy tomato juice and the like, right now I’d prefer something more filling."
焼きそばパン Yakisoba Bread Trust Up
Character response: "Ah, a popular bread with the young ones. It always sells out so quickly, so it’s been a while since I’ve had it…♪"
カツサンド Tonkatsu Sandwich Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "This seems like it would be quite filling♪ Why don’t we eat it together?"
Correct Choice: Tonkatsu Sandwich (カツサンド)

Rei Sakuma mini event garden terrace kitchen
"……何だか芳しいにおいがするのう? おぉ、我輩に焼いたクッキーをくれるのじゃな!

…Do I smell something sweet? Oh, you’re giving me cookies that you’ve baked!"

Location: Garden terrace's kitchen
骨の形 Bone-shaped Luck Down
Character response: "While the taste is fine, I feel that this shape would make the doggie happiest…?"
ウサギの形 Bunny-shaped Yellow Fragments
Character response: "So many cute-looking rabbits. Although I’m a bit reluctant to, as it feels like I’m eating Nito-kun and the others, I’ll happily dig in since you took the trouble making them for me…♪"
コウモリの形 Bat-shaped Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Kukuku, based on the image of our unit? It seems a waste to eat something so cute…♪"
Correct Choice: Bat-shaped (コウモリの形)

Rei Sakuma mini event garden terrace
"近ごろ、硬いものは食べておるか? 我輩もひとのことは言えんが、硬いものを口にせん若者が多いようじゃ"
Location: Garden Terrace
お餅を食べます I will eat rice cake. Red Fragments
Character response: "餅かのう? 硬くはないが、かといって噛まずには飲み込めんし。何とも言えんチョイスじゃのう・・・・・・?"
お煎餅を食べます I will eat rice crackers. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "そうじゃな。顎がしっかりしていると歯並びも良いそうじゃし・・・・・・ 話しておると食べたくなってきたのう ♪"
ガムを噛みます I will chew gum. Red Fragments
Character response: "聞いた話じゃがガムも硬い食べものだと思うらしいのう。我輩はさすがにガムは噛めるぞい。"
Correct Choice: I will eat rice crackers (お煎餅を食べます).

Rei Sakuma mini event light music room 3
"ほう、我輩が夜行性じゃから夜のすごしかたが気になるんじゃな。何をしていると思うかえ・・・・・・ ♪"
Location: Light Music Club Room
深夜の食事 Late night meal Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "昼夜逆転しているからのう、夜中はお腹が空くんじゃ。夜な夜な乙女の生き血を吸いに・・・・・・ というのは冗談じゃ ♪"
深夜の散歩 Late night walk Blue Fragments
Character response: "することもあるが、人通りがすくないからのう。嬢ちゃんは危ないから、真似はせんでおくれ。"
深夜のトレーニング Late night training Blue Fragments
Character response: "うむ、身体を動かさんとすぐに鈍ってしまうからのう。家でのトレーニングは日課みたいなもんじゃな"
Correct Choice: 深夜の食事

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