Nazuna Nito mini event hallway
"Oh, Transfer Student. I'm part of the Broadcast Committee, but have you heard any of our broadcasts yet?"
Location: Hallway
Not yet. まだ聞いていない Yellow Fragments
Character response: ""
You fumble your words sometimes 時々噛んでいる Luck Down
Character response: "うるせ! そりゃあたまにはテンパって噛むことだってあるんらかんな! いちいち気にすんにゃ!"
It's very interesting とても面白い Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Right? It's interesting right~♪ I'll call you as a guest sometimes, so observe my appearance during live recording too~♪"
Correct Choice: It's very interesting (とても面白い)

Nazuna Nito mini event garden terrace kitchen
"Hm? Today I`m making the Ra*bit`s members a lunchbox. Awesome, huh~♪"
Location: Garden terrace`s kitchen
A cute lunchbox かわいいお弁当
Character response: "That`s right~♪ There`s rabbit shaped apples, and the meatballs are stuck with musical note shaped skewers! Very "big-brotherly" of me, huh?"
A somewhat lopsided lunchbox ちょっといびつなお弁当
Character response: ""
An elaborate lunchbox 手の込んだお弁当
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: かわいいお弁当

Nazuna Nito mini event staff room
"Hey, you seem kind of busy lately, huh? Being an idol is a battle with time. Are you managing our schedules properly?"
Location: In front of staff room
Schedule management? スケジュール管理って?
Character response: ""
Please give me your advice. アドバイスをください
Character response: "Hmm, let me see what you've done. Yeah, you've got it together okay. You don't have a very good grasp of the basics, but it's alright. You're making use of the mistakes you made!"
I'm doing it right. ばっちりできています
Character response: "Reeeally? Show me, then! Ah, if you think about how little time you've left yourself to get from one place to another here, it looks pretty tough, you know?"
Correct Choice: Please give me your advice (アドバイスをください).

Nazuna Nito mini event stairs
"... hup. Hm? Oh, yeah, I guess they're going to use some equipment from the broadcasting room, so I'm carrying it. It's not really heavy so you don't have to help me, you know."
Location: Stairs
We're going to the same place. 同じ行き先 Heart
Character response: "行き先が同じでて手待ち無沙汰だからって? ん〜、ありがと。実はちょっと重かったから助かったよよ...... ♪"
We have the same shoes. 同じ靴
Character response: "あれっ? あっちこっち移動してからどっかで履き間違えたみたい。どこで履き替えたんだっけ・・・・・・?"
We have the same physique. 同じ体格
Character response: "You really think we're the same? Show me your hands. Mine are bigger... Huh? They're not that different."
Correct Choice: The same destination (同じ行き先)

Nazune Nito mini event stairs 2
Location: Stairs
筋トレメニュー Heart
Character response: "もちろん、基礎体力は基本だからみんなけっこう逞しいところあるんだぞ......♪"
Character response: ""
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: 筋トレメニュー

Nazuna Nito mini event broadcast room
Location: Broadcast Room
Character response: ""
ウサギグッズを買いたい Heart
Character response: ""
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: ウサギグッズを買いたい

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