Mitsuru Tenma mini event school gate
"Sis, Sis! Did you see the Hero Squadron last week? They were so cool, right!?"
Location: School Gate
I missed it. 見逃した Red Fragments
Character response: "That's a waste! Our big brother recorded it so, I'll lend it to you! Ah, big brother I meant is about my real big brother yanno?"
My brother saw it. 弟が観ていた Trust Up
Character response: "Heh~ Sis has a little brother? How old? I feel like I'll get along with him!"
It reminded me of Morisawa-senpai. 守沢先輩みたい Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "オレが見始めたのは、『流星隊』のリーダーのひとが観ないと損しかしないって言ってたからなんだぜ〜?"
Correct Choice: It reminded me of Morisawa-senpai. (守沢先輩みたい)

Mitsuru Tenma mini event ground
"Sis, look at this! The hole in my pants got even bigger after I tripped!"
Location: Ground
Let's go to the nurse's office. 保健室に一緒に行こう Yellow Fragments
Character response: "穴が開いただけで、どこもケガはしてないから大丈夫なんだぜ?

It's just the hole that opened, I'm not injured anywhere so it's okay?"

It's not obvious, so don't worry. 目立たないから大丈夫 Yellow Fragments
Character response: "ね〜ちゃん似外は男ばかりだから、あんまり気にしてないんだぜ!"
I'll fix it for you. 縫ってあげる Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "裁縫セットを持ってるなんて、さすがね〜ちゃんは女の人なんだぜ ♪"
Correct Choice: I'll fix it for you. (繕ってあげる)

Mitsuru Tenma Mini Event Rooftop
"Sis, look at this! My smartphone's vibrating so much it's not stopping! I have no idea how to stop it~"
Location: Rooftop
It's frozen at the setting screen. 設定画面になっている Blue Fragments
Character response: "そ〜なんだ? よくわかんないけど、止まってほっとしたんだぜ! スマホが怒ってるのかと思ったんだぜ〜"
You have an notification. 着信している Red Fragments
Character response: ""
Your alarm has gone off. アラームが作動している Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Oh yeah, Tomo-chan set it earlier! I'm helped, Sis! Now I remembered the promise!"
Correct Choice: Your alarm has gone off. (アラームが作動している)

Mitsuru Tenma mini event 1st floor passage
"Sis, are you hungry? I'm ravenous! Want to go buy bread with me?"
Location: 1st Floor Passage
Let's go to the kitchen. 厨房にいこう Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Sis will be the one who makes it? Ah, but I just forgot today Hajime-chan brought lunch for us!"
Let's go to the school store. 購買部にいこう Blue Fragments
Character response: "Then, let's race on who'll reach first! Eh, I still have the energy to run you said? For dashing it's, um......different stomach? yanno!"
Let's go to the cafeteria. 食堂に食べにいこう Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Now that you've mentioned it, I haven't eat in the cafeteria recently! Then I want omelette rice~♪"
Correct Choice: Let's go to the cafeteria. (食堂に食べにいこう)

Mitsuru Tenma mini event hall way
"Sis, you got a bunch of memo but ain't writing that much confuses you?"
Location: Hallway
I remember no matter how many 何冊も分かてる Blue Fragments
Character response: "Eh, lessons and idol and cookings and, costume making and~......? Hum~ just from hearing it I got confused already~"
Sometimes I forget ときどきわからなくなる Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Ahaha☆ Even Sis got times where you forget stuffs huh♪ It's really cute yanno~!"
I read it back everytime いつでも読み返せる
Character response: "Read it many times and remember it huh. Repetitive practice~ you said, I feel like Hajime-chan said that too!"
Correct Choice: Sometimes I forget. (ときどきわからなくなる)

Mitsuru Tenma mini event ground 2
"Tomorrow's weather is~, it must be sunny! My weather prediction is usually~ right though, there's a trick to it♪"
Location: Ground
Hair predicting? 髪の毛予報? Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Ooh, you're right~! Ever since yesterday's raining day my hair has been, more and more whoosh~ like that yanno☆"
Your head aches? 頭痛になる? Red Fragments
Character response: "Sis, does your head hurt? My head doesn't hurt but, if it does hurt I'll stroke it for you?"
Fortune telling? 靴飛ぼし? Red Fragments
Character response: "Ah, there was time when I did that too! But my shoe flew too far that I got scolded by sensei, so it's sealed""
Correct Choice: Hair predicting? (髪の毛予報?)