Midori Takamine mini event classroom
"Huh, senpai... You have some business with a son of a greengrocer....? I wonder what someone like me can help you with...."
Location: Classroom
苦手な野菜を克服したい I want to overcome vegetables I don't like eating. Luck Down
Character response: "たしかに、八百屋の息子だから野菜は他の人よりわかりますけど・・・・・・ 苦手なものは無理して食べなくていいんじゃないッスか・・・・・・?

Certainly, as a greengrocer's son I understand vegetables more than other people......but I think there's no need to force yourself to eat things you don't like......?"

今の旬な野菜が知りたい I want to know what vegetables are in season right now. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "今晩のメニューに悩んでるんスか・・・・・・。あんまり気にしたことないから、帰りにウチに寄るといいかも・・・・・・。"
野菜のスムージーが作りたい I want to make a vegetable smoothie. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Oh? You want to make something for someone with some good nutrition in it, hm? I'm not very familiar with making them either, but if you want my help, I'd be happy to do it with you... ♪"
Correct Choice: I want to make a vegetable smoothie. (野菜のスムージーが作りたい)

Midori Takamine mini event garden terrace
"(sigh).... hello. Are you in the middle of a break too, senpai...? Huh? You've got some lint on you..."
Location: Garden Terrace
そのままでいい It's fine like this. Blue Fragments
Character response: "えっ、放っておいていいんスか・・・・・・? 意外と先輩も豪快というか、大健把というか・・・・・・"
自分で取る I'll take it off myself. Blue Fragments
Character response: "ああ、もう少し上のほう・・・・・・。 取れたッスね。 ふぅん、裁縫してるとどうしてもくっついちゃうんスか・・・・・・?"
取ってほしい Take it off for me? Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "You're disheveled from rushing this morning, huh...? So, even senpai gets like this...♪"
Correct Choice: Take it off for me? (取ってほしい)

Midori Takamine mini event hallway
"... Hello. How do you usually eat your fish, senpai?"
Location: Hallway
刺身で食べる Sashimi. Blue Fragments
Character response: "生・・・・・・、えっと。 新鮮なのはおいしいと思いますよ・・・・・・? 目玉はちょっと、ダメッスけど・・・・・・

Raw......, umm. I think it's yummy if it's fresh......? The eyeball is kinda, a no for me though......"

塩焼きにして食べる Grilled with salt. Red Fragments
Character response: "Sigh....I don't like to eat something so strong-tasting.....


煮付けをよくする Simmered, usually. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Ah, its salty-sweet taste and low cost are good. I like it too...♪"
Correct Choice: Simmered, usually. (煮付けをよくする)

Midori Takamine mini event 2 Hallway
"(sighs) I'm so hungry... Huh? Senpai, will you cook something for me....?"
Location: Hallway
フィッシュサンド Fish sandwich Red Fragments
Character response: "魚は嫌いじゃないんスけど、目玉ごとミンチにしたやつとかじゃないッスよね・・・・・・?

I don't dislike fish, but it's not like the one where the eyeballs are minced or anything right......?"

ベジタブルサンド Vegetable sandwich Red Fragments
Character response: "八百屋だから野菜好きかっていうと、別にそういうわけでもないんスけどね。 でも、ありがとうございます。"
ハンバーガー Hamburger Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Sometimes it's alright to eat a bit, right? You're going to the trouble of making for me, Senpai..... ♪"
Correct Choice: Hamburger (ハンバーガー)

Midori Takamine Mini Event Hallway 3
"あんずさん、荷物重そうなんで手伝いますよ……? いつも何でそうやって一気に持つのかわからない……

Anzu-san, your things look heavy, I'll help you......? I don't know why you always carry everything all at once like that......"

Location: Hallway
力持ちだね You're so strong Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "へ? まぁ、このくらいは誰でも持てるし……。 サボる理由ができるんで、また声かけてください

Huh? Well, anyone can carry this much...... Feel free to ask me any time since it gives me an excuse to skip class."

体力トレーニング中 I'm strength training Blue Fragments
Character response: "ぎりぎり持てる量はトレーニングじゃないと思いますけど…。 あんずさんがいいんなら、いいんじゃないですかね?

I don't think carrying just as much as you can manage counts as training... Well, if you're okay with it, Anzu-san, I guess it's fine?"

大は小を兼ねる Better too big than too small Blue Fragments
Character response: "いや、それは意味が違うし力業すぎる……。周りは男ばかりなんで、いくらでも手伝うと思いますよ……

No, I don't think that's what that means, and besides, it's too heavy...... There are guys all around, so I think they'd all be willing to help......"

Correct Choice: 力持ちだね

Midori Takamine Mini Event Garden Space
"・・・・・・じっと見てどうしたんですか。 ほんとに背が高いねって、背が高くていいことなんてないですから・・・・・・"
Location: Garden Space
かっこよく見える Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "ふぅん、身長が高いだけでも魅力的に見えるんですか・・・・・・。 でも俺は・・・・・・いや、何でもないです・・・・・・"
アイドルの強みになる Red Fragments
Character response: "いや、アイドルとして伸ばすつもりはないんスけど・・・・・・。 身長がほしい人にあげられるならあげたいくらい・・・・・・"
高いところに手が届く Red Fragments
Character response: "まぁ、先輩よりは届さますけど・・・・・・あぁ。 取ってほしいものがあるんですね、俺で役に立つんなら行きますよ"
Correct Choice: かっこよく見える