Mao Isara mini event classroom

Sniff sniff. Aa, I'm not crying. I just have a stuffy nose from the pollen."

Location: Classroom
Go buy yogurt. ヨーグルトを買ってくる Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Yogurt? Well, guess it's effective against pollen allergy. But I don't think that's what I need now. *sneeze* ☆"
Bring him some cold medicine. 鼻炎薬を持ってくる Yellow Fragments
Character response: "You brought it all the way from the infirmary!? That helped, but I feel a little bad. Still, thanks ♪"
Pass him a tissue. ティッシュを渡す Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Aa, survival! Without it I was in trouble; a handkerchief has come to the rescue!"
Correct Choice: Pass him a tissue (ティッシュを渡す).

Mao Isara mini event school gate
"ふぁ~……。 昨日は夜遅くまで生徒会の仕事があったから、あんま寝れてね~んだ

Yaaawn~.... I was up late into the night with student council work, so I wasn’t able to get much sleep."

Location: School gate
Let’s hurry and go to the infirmary. 急いで保健室に行こう Red Fragments
Character response: "Whoa!? What's wrong, transfer student? Do I look that exhausted? Sorry for worrying you."
It’s not healthy to overwork yourself. 無理は体に良くないよ Red Fragments
Character response: "I'm aware of that, but it's hard to fix it. If only I could split myself in two."
You’re always working so hard. いつもお疲れさま Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Yeah, but I don’t mind. I enjoy what I do. But thanks for noticing."
Correct Choice: You're always working so hard (いつもお疲れさま).

Mao Isara mini event school gate 2
"ううん、今日もこれでもかというくらい忙しい一日だったなぁ・・・・・・ ん? 疲れた時のリフレッシュ方法?

Hmm? How to refresh yourself when you're exhausted?"

Location: School gate
Read a book 本を読む Red fragments
Character response: "読書か、小さい頃はたくさん本は読んでたな。 最近は参考書ばっかりで頭がカチカチだな・・・・・・

Reading huh, when I was young I read a lot of books. Recently I've only been reading reference books, it makes my head hurt......"

Listen to music 音楽を聴く Trust Up
Character response: "ヒーリーングミュージックってやつ? たしかに、普段は騒がしくて静かな場所ってないもんな

Healing music? Certainly, normally there aren't any peaceful and quiet places."

Taking a long bath お風呂に浸かる Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "You have a point. After all, they say that taking a bath is like washing all the dirt from your life. I guess I'm going to take a nice long one~"
Correct Choice: Taking a long bath (お風呂に浸かる).

Mao Isara mini event school gate 3

Well~ Lessons are fun, but it really is tiring to go back and forth to the student council. I'm stiff all over."

Location: School gate
Rub his back 背中をさする Luck Down
Character response: "Ahaha, are you consoling me? How to put this... I feel like I'm being cared for."
Massage his shoulders 肩を揉む Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Aahh... you give a really good massage, transfer student. I'm gonna take a nice long bath and rest today... wait, that makes me sound like an old man!"
Strike his shoulders 肩を叩く Fever Up
Character response: "いてて・・・・・・、けっこうしっかり叩いてくれるんだな。 ありがとう、おまえもあんま無理するなよ? hit pretty hard huh. Thanks, don't push yourself too hard either yeah?"

Correct Choice: Massage his shoulders (肩を揉む)

Mao Isara mini event stairs
"あぁあんず、おいっす〜 ♪ これからごはん食べに食堂へ行くなら、俺も一緒に行っていいか?

Ah, Anzu, hey~ ♪ If you're going to the cafeteria to eat from here, is it okay if I go with you?"

Location: Stairs
I'm going to the student council room. 生徒会に行く Red Fragments
Character response: "ん? 副会長に呼ばれてるのか。俺は用事が終わったところだから方向が逆だな〜?

Hm? Did the vice president call for you? I just finished my work, so that's in the opposite direction, huh~?"

I'm going to the cafeteria. 食堂へ行く Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "ちょうどタイミングが合って良かったな ♪ さぁ行こうぜ、今日の日替わりって何だったかな〜

It's great that our timing allowed us to meet. ♪ Now let's go, I wonder what today's daily special is~"

購買部に行く Red Fragments
Character response: "あぁ、それでも構わないぞ。とにかく腹が減って仕方ないんだ、早く買いに行こうぜ〜"
Correct Choice: 食堂へ行く

Mao Isara mini event library
"そういや、次のテストのために勉強を見てほしいって言ってたよな。俺でいいなら任せてくれ ♪"
Location: Library
You're like a little brother. 弟みたい Blue Fragments
Character response: "あはは、どこか似てるのか・・・・・・?俺そんなに子供っぽく見えるほうじゃないと思ってたんだけどな〜?

Ahaha, how do I resemble one...? I didn't think I looked that childish, though~?"

You're like a big brother. お兄ちゃんみたい Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "お、お兄ちゃん? まぁ、たしかにおまえみたいな妹だったら俺の気苦労もましだったかもな〜"
You're like a teacher. 先生みたい Blue Fragments
Character response: "そうか? 先生みたいにうまく教えられるかは保証できないけど、善処するぜ。"
Correct Choice: お兄ちゃんみたい

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