Makoto Yuuki Mini Event Hallway
"Hey, transfer student-chan, are you free this weekend?

…You see, I kinda of have an errand I’d like you to come along for…"

Location: Hallway
I can do it right now. 今からでもいい Luck Down
Character response: "Eh, right this minute?! Ahaha…The truth is, I don’t really get this book on tips of how to talk to girls. So I was hoping for some help…"
Maybe another day? 別の日がいいかも Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Ahh, don’t worry about it! It’s not really urgent or anything. Actually, I wanted to overcome my weakness with facing girls…"
Sure. いいよ Heart (Fever)
Character response: "…Alright then, if there’s anywhere you wanna go too, I’ll go with you, so think about it!"
Correct Choice: Sure. (いいよ)

Makoto Yuuki Mini Event Classroom
"Ah, there you are. Transfer student-chan, it looks like we're gonna have a pop quiz after this."
Location: Classroom
I feel dizzy. 目眩がする Luck Down
Character response: "Are you okay?! You don’t have to get so depressed! I’m sure it’ll work out just fine!"
I haven't prepared for this at all. 何も準備してなかった Heart (Fever)
Character response: "I thought you`d say that, so I have a test prep notebook right here! As long as I’m here, tests are going to be a piece of cake~♪"
I think I'll manage. なんとかなると思う Fever Up
Character response: "Oh? You’re surprisingly easy-going about these things. Well, I don’t think there’ll be any difficult questions, at least!"
Correct Choice: I haven't prepared for this at all. (何も準備してなかった)

Makoto Yuuki Mini Event Classroom 2
"Hm? What kind of magazine are you reading, transfer student-chan? A concert at an amusement park, huh~ Speaking of amusement parks, I haven’t gone in ages."
Location: Classroom
Merry-go-round メリーゴーランド Blue Fragments
Character response: "I have the recollection that it was sparkling and beautiful...If I rode it now, I would probably feel that the horse is really small."
Haunted house お化け屋敷 Yellow Fragments
Character response: "No way, no way! I’m bad when it comes to dealing with ghosts and scary things! That’s why I never went near them when I was a kid!"
Ferris wheel 観覧車 Heart (Fever)
Character response: "I was most excited to ride that when I was little! The view from the top is so amazing too~"
Correct Choice: Ferris wheel (観覧車)

Makoto Yuuki Mini Event 2nd Floor Passage
"You know, I think even among our unit, I'm one of the plainer ones~ Don’t I have any kind of charm point?"
Location: 2nd Floor Passage
Your pretty green eyes. きれいな緑色の瞳 Heart (Fever)
Character response: "My eye color? I wear glasses so...hey, if you look so intensely I'll get shy~"
Your messy hair. 跳ねている癖っ毛 Blue Fragments
Character response: "Ehh?! It’s not supposed to be messy; I had it styled this way on purpose! It took a lot of time to get it to look like this…"
Your blindingly reflecting glasses. まぶしく反映する眼鏡 Red Fragments
Character response: "So that’s really what catches your attention first, huh~? The truth is, these glasses are my true identity, so that’s to be expected!...Just so you know, that was a joke, okay?"
Correct Choice: Your pretty green eyes. (きれいな緑色の瞳)

Makoto Yuuki mini event classroom 3
"ん? あぁ、何を飲んでるかって・・・・・・ サプリメントだよ。癖になっちゃてるけど、あると便利なんだよね。"
Location: Classroom
A good luck charm? お守り? Blue Fragments
Character response: "あはは、たしかにそうかも。ないとちょっと落ち着かないから、お守りみたいなものかもね。"
栄養補給? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "そうそう。なかなか一日に必要な栄養素って摂りにくいから、こういうので補うんだよ。試してみる?"
A source of energy? 元気の源? Blue Fragments
Character response: "ううん、そういうわけじゃないけど。たしょうは健康のために役立ってるとは思うよ。"
Correct Choice: 栄養補給?

Makoto Yuuki mini event hallway 2
"あんずちゃん、楽しそうにスマホ眺めてどうしたの? スケジュールのチェックとか?

Anzu-chan, you look like you're having fun looking at your smartphone. What is it? Are you checking the schedule or something?"

Location: Hallway
There's a request for a new job. 新しいお仕事の依頼 Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "俺たちのお仕事っ!? なになにっ、次の仕事の予定があるとレッスンもより気合いが入るよ〜 ♪"
I'm organizing my photo folders. 写真のフォルダ整理 Red Fragments
Character response: "あぁ、 懐かしい写真とかつい見ちゃうよね。 僕もふざけて撮ったみんなの写真をぼ~っと見ちゃうよ"
コーチからの確認メール Red Fragments
Character response: "コーチって・・・・・・ 大神くん!? 僕がサボってないかときどき連絡来るって、ちゃんとやってるから〜!"
Correct Choice: There's a request for a new job. (新しいお仕事の依頼)

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