Leo Tsukinaga Mini Event Garden

Ah, the ink in my pen ran out. You don't have anything on you? Hmm, I only have a piece of paper in my pocket..."

Location: Garden
You're blocking everyone. 通行の邪魔ですよ Luck Down
Character response: "Whaat~ but I'm writing an amazing song right now! I'm in the middle of the road? Then just avoid me!"
Should we go buy some more? 買ってきましょうか? Blue Fragments
Character response: "Really?! Then, let's dash and get some! Before the music dancing before my eyes disappears!"
Should I lend you a pen? ペンを貸しましょうか? Heart (Fever)
Character response: "Ooh, you saved me! Thanks! You're a good guy! All riiight, I'll write it right now, hold on a second!"
Correct Choice: Should I lend you a pen? (ペンを貸しましょうか?)

Leo Tsukinaga Mini Event Outdoor Stage
"う~ん、う~ん… いい曲が浮かばないぞ。何でだ?朝から続いていた集中力はどこいった~?

Hmm, hmmmm...I can't think of a good song. Why? Where'd that focus I had in the morning go~?"

Location: Outdoor stage
Pass him your lunch. お弁当を渡す Heart (Fever)
Character response: "You never saw me eat lunch? When I concentrate, I end up forgetting to eat. Thanks for this!"
Pass him some candy お菓子を渡す Red Fragments
Character response: "The hell is this? Konpeito? Yeah, that's it! Sugar isn't enough for my brain! I can't write with this!"
Pass him a textbook. 教科書を渡す Red Fragments
Character response: "Did you come from class? Once I go to class, I can't come up with masterpieces. That's a loss for the world!"
Correct Choice: Pass him your lunch. (お弁当を渡す)

Leo Tsukinaga Mini Event School Gate
"...Huh? I have something I need to do? Wait, I'm trying to think of it, don't tell me the answer!"
Location: School gate
Pull on his arm. 腕を引っ張る Heart (Fever)
Character response: "Wait, what? While I'm thinking, you'll bring me where I need to be? Sounds good! All right, I'll find out the answer soon!"
Tell him the answer. 答えを言う Luck Down
Character response: "Aaah! Don't! Why would you tell me the answer! Whatever, I'll do it later!"
Keep quiet. 黙っている Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Sena or Ritsu probably want a new song! That's not it? I see, then Naru wants one. That's not it either?"
Correct Choice: Pull on his arm. (腕を引っ張る)

Leo Tsukinaga mini event 1st floor passage
Location: 1st Floor Passage
Cookie クッキー
Character response: ""
Character response: ""
Chocolate チョコ Heart / Fever up
Character response: "カロリーも摂れるからしばらくはこのまま作曲し続けられるなっ! ありがとう、あんず〜♪"
Correct Choice: チョコ (Chocolate)

Leo Tsukinaga mini event music room
Location: Music Room
Character response: ""
博物館巡り Heart / Fever up
Character response: "最近はあんまり行ってなかったな。よし、久しぶりに次の休日は美術館に行こう!おまえも来るかっ?"
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: 博物館巡り

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