Kuro Kiryu Mini Event Garden Terrace
"Do you have a second, little lady? I made too many side dishes last night; can you take them for me?"
Location: Garden Terrace
一緒にたべませんか? Do you want to eat it together? Yellow Fragments
Character response: "いや、俺は昨日さんざん食ったんだ・・・・・・。妹が好きだからって、ちょっと張り切りすぎちまったな"
持って帰ってたべます Bring it home to eat Yellow Fragments
Character response: "あぁ。べつに感想がほしくてあげたわけじゃねぇから、嬢ちゃんがよかったら食べてくれ"
今食べます Eat it now Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "R-right now? It's embarrassing, having the food you made yourself get eaten right before your eyes... I hope you like it, though."
Correct Choice: Eat it now (今食べます)

Kuro Kiryu Mini Event Hallway
"Oh, Miss Transfer Student. Seeing you like this, did something bad happen?"
Location: 2nd Floor Passage
新しく作った衣装を見てほしい Please look at the newly made costume Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "I see, it came out nicely, didn’t it? You learn fast, I was worried over how I taught."
指貫が抜けない The hakama didn't come out right Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Calm down, Miss. It’s okay. I occasionally do that too when I’m impatient."
縫い方でアドバイスがほしい Please give me sewing advice Blue Fragments
Character response: "Hm… This is quite a difficult challenge, huh. Here, let me look at it for a moment."
Correct Choice: Please look at the newly made costume (新しく作った衣装を見てほしい)

Kuro Kiryu Mini Event Stairs
"Yo, little lady. You're usually busy like this, but when it's a holiday, don't you let loose and relax?"
Location: Stairs
勉強をしている I study Red Fragments
Character response: "授業についていくのも大変そうだな、あんまり無理はするなよ。倒れたら元も子もねぇ"
裁縫の練習をしている I practice sewing Red Fragments
Character response: "俺が教えた縫い方のおさらい・・・・・・? 真面目だな嬢ちゃんは、感心するぜ。"
休日の予定は? What are your holiday plans? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "そうだな。妹が学校の友達の間で流行ってんのか、お菓子作りしててよ。一緒に手伝ってやってるな

Ah, yes. Making sweets is popular among my younger sister's school friends. I help to make them together."

Correct Choice: What are your holiday plans? (休日の予定は?)

Kuro Kiryu Mini Event place
"...Ahh, I had a feeling you were here, yanno. Lately, I've been thinking up some new designs for outfits. They're nothing to write home about, or anything, though."
Location: In Front of School Store
虎柄の布 Tiger Patterned Cloth Blue Fragments
Character response: "強そうに見えるか? 紅月は着物が多いから、たまには冒険してみてぇなと思うぜ。"
花柄の布 Flower Patterned Cloth Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Oh? You like the flower patterned cloth, too, miss? Girls do like cute patterns, I guess. ...I do want to make an outfit for a girl, after all."
無地の布 Plain Cloth Blue Fragments
Character response: "色の組み合わせに悩むんだ。やっぱ柄もんじゃねぇと派手に見えねぇよな"
Correct Choice: Flower Patterned Cloth (花柄の布)

Kuro Kiryu mini event outside lecture hall

Holding bags from the supermarket in both hands, looks heavy. I'll carry them for you; you're going to make something in the kitchen, right?"

Location: Outside Lecture Hall
お菓子 Candy
Character response: ""
差し入れ Refreshments Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "おう、嬢ちゃんの手作りなら誰でも喜んで食べるだろうよ。何を作るのか楽しみだな…… ♪

Certainly, if it's the young lady who makes it, no matter who eats it, they will be happy. I look forward to seeing what you make... ♪"

秘密 It's a secret.
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: Refreshments (差し入れ)

Kuro Kiryu Mini Event Dojo
Location: Dojo
Legs Blue Fragments
Character response: "普段からあっちこっち走り回ってるから、体力は付いてきてるんじゃねぇか? まぁ、あんまり無理はするなよ。"
趣味です It's a hobby. Blue Fragments
Character response: "あぁ、筋肉の本はトレーニング用じゃなかったのか。悪くはねぇけど、趣味にしちゃ珍しい好みだな"
Arms Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "まぁ、俺からしたら折れそうだなと思うくらいだしよ。何なら俺が稽古をつけてやろうか?"
Correct Choice: Arms (腕)