Koga Oogami mini event hallway
"….Achoo☆ Hey, you have something weird on you, don’t you? My nose is itchy all of a sudden…."
Location: Hallway
Vase of flowers 花瓶の花
Character response: "Q-Quit it! Don’t come near me! Keep those lilies, or whatever flowers that give off a lot of pollen away from me! Ah…. Achoo☆"
Handcrafted sachet 創のサシェ
Character response: "Hah? Lavender? Herbs, seriously? I start sneezing around anything that gives off a strong scent."
Freshly dried costume 干したての衣裝
Character response: "You pat it too hard when you dried it, didn’t you?

The fuzz coming off from the fiber is making my nose seriously itchy…."

Correct Choice: Freshly dried costume (干したての衣装).

Koga Oogami mini event hallway 2
"Ah, dammit! My shoelaces snapped! Hey, transfer student, don’t you have anything on you?"
Location: Hallway
Keep it together with duct tape セロハンテープで留める
Character response: "You really think that’ll hold? Ugh, how lame. Guess I’ll just head home and take Leon on a walk or something."
Retie shoelaces 靴紐を結びなおす
Character response: "Are you telling me to do this myself? As if I’d bother with this kind of delicate work!"
Keep it together with a safety pin 安全ピンで留める
Character response: "Well, better than nothing…. Heh, and it looks kinda rock, don’cha think? I’ll deal with it like this for a day."
Correct Choice: Keep it together with a safety pin (安全ピンで留める).

Koga Oogami mini event 1st floor passage
"….Huuuh? I’m hungry, so I’m headed for the cafeteria.

The steak meal set that’s cooked to my liking is waiting for me."

Location: 1st floor passage
Well done. ウェルダン
Character response: "Like I could eat meat that’s had all the juice taken out of it! There’s no point in meat that’s not juicy!"
Rare. レア
Character response: "You telling me to eat raw meat? I’m a wolf, you know. What if I get sick because of some filthy germs?"
Medium. ミディアム
Character response: "Well, it’s not bad when it’s cooked about that much.

Personally, I like meat that’s more on the wild side with blood dripping from it….♪"

Correct Choice: Medium (ミディアム).

Koga Oogami mini event grower barn
"Hey, don’t just stand there with that blank look on your face. You’re getting in my way."
Location: Grower Barn
I way picking up some trash that was on the ground. 落ちているゴミを拾っていた
Character response: "Just leave that for the janitor. Even if you pick it up, that’s not gonna make much of a difference if the person that’s littering is still around."
I was thinking about the next lesson plan. 次のレッスンメニューを考えていた
Character response: "Not that’s being passionate is a bad thing, but think a little harder about where you’re standing. Don’t blame me if get hurt."
I dropped all the drinks I bought for everyone. 差し入れのジュースをばらまいた
Character response: "Tch…. Think about how much you’re gonna carry first. I’ll give you a hand, so I’ll be taking one as a tip."
Correct Choice: I dropped all the drinks I bought for everyone (差し入れのジュースをばらまいた).

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