Kanata Shinkai Mini Event Fountain
"Ufufu. Transfer student-san, you seem to have quite a happy "expression". Did "something good" happen...?"
Location: Fountain
お菓子を食べました I ate some sweets Small Blue Jewel
Character response: "When you eat sweet things, you become "happy"... ♪ I also like sweet things... ♪"
いい夢をみました I had a good dream Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Ah, the "dreams" you see when you sleep, right? When I have a "good dream", I too feel cheerful the entire day."
少し痩せました I've lost a little weight Yellow Fragments
Character response: "おんなのこは『たいじゅう』をきにしますね。ぼくはじゅうぶん、ほそいとおもうのでちょっとしんぱいです・・・・・・"
Correct Choice: I had a good dream. (いい夢をみました)

Kanata Shinkai Mini Event Fountain 2
"Oh, Transfer student-san... Fufu. I always go to the "aquarium", but this week I'll be visiting again... ♪"
Location: Fountain
行ってみたい I'd like to go too. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Then, let's go together. Surely "Transfer student"-san will also be able to have some new "discoveries"."
一番好きな場所は? What is your favorite place there? Trust Up
Character response: "『しんかいぎょ』のこーなーですね、うみの『しんぴ』がいっぱいつまっています・・・・・・ ♪"
飽きてしまいそう I think I'd get bored.
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: I'd like to go too. (行ってみたい)

Kanata Shinkai Mini Event Fountain 3
"Hello, miss transfer student. Have you come to go "swimming" with me today...?"
Location: Fountain
タオルを差し出す Hold out a towel Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Hm? Are you giving that to me...? It smells like the "sun"... ♪"
チャレンジしてみる Challenge him Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "I finally made a "friend" to "swim" with me... ♪ It feels great, doesn't it?"
『ひなたぼっこ』をすすめる Recommend sun-bathing Yellow Fragments
Character response: "かわかすのは、まんぞくするまで『みずあび』してからにしましょう〜 ♪"
Correct Choice: Challenge him. (チャレンジしてみる)

Kanata Shinkai Mini Event Garden Terrace
"Oh my, is "transfer student-san" having a late "lunch"? Since I'm here I might as well have something to eat too... ♪"
Location: Garden terrace
パンツェロッティ Panzerotti
Character response: ""
アクアパッツァ Acqua pazza Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "A treasure among "sea dishes" .... I could eat that forever."
ボンゴレロッソ Vongole Rosso
Character response: "A "pasta" packed with the delicious flavor of short-necked clams. I wish it also had "fish" in it.... ♪"
Correct Choice: Acqua pazza (アクアパッツァ)

Kanata Shinkai mini event fountain
Location: Fountain
うみぶどう Sea Grapes
Character response: ""
シジミ Basket Clams
Character response: ""
ワカメ Seaweed Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "たしかに、とれたての『わかめ』はとっても『いそのかおり』がして『うみ』をかんじますね・・・・・・ ♪"
Correct Choice: ワカメ

Kanata Shinkai mini event marine bio club room
"うふふ、『もんだい』です・・・・・・ ♪ 『あんこう』のなまえの『ゆらい』ってしってますか?"
Location: Marine Life Club room
頭に釣り竿があるから Red Fragments
Character response: "ついてますけど、それは『とくちょう』ですね〜・・・・・・? ぶっぶ〜、『ふせいかい』です〜"
ヒキガエルっぽいから Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "せいかいです〜 ♪ 『ほうげん』で『あんごう』とよぶので、そこからついているらしいですよ〜・・・・・・ ♪"
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: ヒキガエルっぽいから