Jin Sagami mini event 1
"I'm done with work. Maybe I'll go get myself some food. ...Still, even if you change the store, quick-serve lunches sure get old fast, huh."
Location: Infirmary
Pass the homemade juice 手作りジュースを渡す Luck Up
Character response: "Hey wait, it has this color I've never seen before. ...You just put in everything that looked nutritious? -Of course- you can guarantee the taste, right...?"
Pass the homemade cookies 手作りクッキーを渡す Luck Up
Character response: "Hooh, that diligence is as you'd expect from a girl. ...Yeah, it smells good. I guess I'll have some while drinking coffee."
Pass the homemade bentou 手作り弁当を渡す Luck Up x2
Character response: "...Eh, you're giving that to an old man like me? You're not half asleep and giving this to me by mistake? No? I see... Thanks."
Correct Choice: Pass the homemade bentou (手作り弁当を渡す)

Jin Sagami mini event 2
"Looks like you've grasped at what time I would be here. You must've gotten used to lots of things compared to when you first came. How's it been going?"
Location: Infirmary
Studying is hard. 勉強が大変です Luck Up
Character response: "Hey now, studying's your duty as a student, y'know? That said, sticking to the desk isn't exactly studying. You can try to be more active and move your body."
I'm exhausted. 体力がつきました Luck Up
Character response: "Guess you would, compared to your previous school. You should work on your stamina while you have the time."
Everyday has been fun. 毎日楽しいです Luck Up x2
Character response: "I see. Things have been changing since you came. I'll be watching over you guys from afar, so I'm trusting those kids to you."
Correct Choice: Everyday has been fun. (毎日楽しいです)

Jin Sagami mini event 3
"Haah, I'm so old... I can't go on without a bottle of beer, but I can't afford to drink one now. You're a producer, so won't you get me something?"
Location: Infirmary
Pass the sodas 炭酸飲料を渡す Luck Up
Character response: "Ah... Spare me soda. It's nice when you're young, but that stuff will just give an old man like me heartburn."
Pass the vegetable juice 野菜ジュースを渡す Luck Up
Character response: "Vegetable juice, huh. I drank that for quite a while in the past but it didn't hold on. It does make me want to watch my health, though."
Pass the warm tea あったかいお茶を渡す Luck Up x2
Character response: "There's nothing special about tea, yet you just relax when you hold a teacup with your hands, huh... Sorry for that, Transfer student. Thanks."
Correct Choice: Pass the warm tea (あったかいお茶を渡す)

Jin sagami mini event 4
"What's wrong, Transfer student? Feeling unwell today? Or are you skipping?"
Location: Infirmary
Want to take a rest due to anemia 貧血で休みたい Luck Up x2
Character response: "...I see. You've been busy all over lately, so the exhaustion must've caught up to you. Take care of your own health."
Want to hear advices from a former teen idol 元アイドルとしてのアドバイスが聞きたい Luck Up
Character response: "Hmm. My being an idol is a thing of the past. It won't be much help for you guys living right now."
Bringing printed submissions 提出物のプリントを届けに来た Luck Up
Character response: "Aah, that. Can you leave them on my desk in the staff room? I might lose them if here."
Correct Choice: Want to take a rest due to anemia (貧血で休みたい)

Jin Sagami Mini Event Infirmary 5
"『プロデューサー』の仕事ももちろんだが、勉強はどうだ? どれ、先生が見てやろうか?"
Location: Infirmary
アイドルのことを聞きたいです Luck Up
Character response: "アイドルの先輩の意見ねぇ? 俺のときとは時代が違うし、現役のアイドルたちに聞いたほうがいいんじゃないか"
次のテスト範囲が知りたいです Luck Up x2
Character response: "よぉし、次は教科書のここから~って・・・・・・教えるわけないだろ? そこは経験と勘で見事当ててみせろ♪"
先輩に聞いたりしています Luck Up
Character response: "ほう、先輩とも仲良くできてるんだな。 そうやって『先輩~♪』って懐いといたほうがいろいろ得するからな~"
Correct Choice: 次のテスト範囲が知りたいです

Jin Sagami Mini Event School Store
"購買部って若い子向けの商品ばっかりだなぁ。 酒のつまみになりそうなものもなくて困ったもんだ。"
Location: School Store
駄菓子はどうですか? Luck Up x2
Character response: "あぁ、それならいけそうだな。 おぉ、俺がガキのころに流行ってた駄菓子もまだあるんだな~♪"
パンはどうですか? Luck Up
Character response: "総菜パンか・・・・・・腹が膨れちゃうしな~って、いやいや。 独り言だからおっさんの相手なんかしなくていいからな?"
スナック菓子はどうですか? Luck Up
Character response: "だよなぁ。 ちょっと脂っこいけど、これにするか。 おまえも、スナック菓子の食い過ぎは気をつけろよ~?"
Correct Choice: 駄菓子はどうですか?

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