Hinata mini event 1st floor passage options
"Ehehe☆ It's the long-awaited cafeteria lunch time! Transfer student, let's go eat together!"
Location: 1st Floor Passage
パスタがいい I'll have pasta. Luck Down
Character response: "女の人ってほんと、パスタが好きだよね〜? おいしいけど、もっとおいしいものってあると思うよ?"
オムライスがいい I'll have omurice. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "You're getting omurice, transfer student? Then I'll have a hamburger steak! Western food tastes pretty good, don't you think~? ♪"
ラーメンがいい I'll have ramen. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Ooh, nice! I was just thinking that I want to eat ramen too! Let's hurry before it's sold out.....☆ (おぉ、いいねぇ。ラーメン俺も食べたいな~って思ってたところ!売り切れる前に早くいこう...☆)"
Correct Choice: I'll have ramen. (ラーメンがいい)

Hinata mini event dance room
"One, two, three... four~? Huh, transfer student is making a weird face. Is something strange?"
Location: Dance Room
見たことない体操 I've never seen a physical exercise like that. Blue Fragments
Character response: "俺が編み出したオリジナルのラジオ体操だよ ♪ 俺の体に合った動かし方だから、転校生さんには変なダンスかもね?"
意外と熱心な準備 I'm surprised at your enthusiastic preparation. Red Fragments
Character response: ""
軟体動物みたい You look like a mollusk. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "え〜、タコみたい?ちいさい時から柔軟体操してるからこんなポーズも ♪ あはは、そんな目をつぶらなくても俺は痛くないって〜"
Correct Choice: You look like a mollusk. (軟体動物みたい)

Hinata Aoi mini event lockers
"Oh, hello~☆ Hey hey, I'm a little hungry. Should I go for the cafeteria or the store?"
Location: Lockers Area
食堂でしょっぱいものを買う Buy something salty from the cafeteria. Luck Down
Character response: "唐揚げとか? それもいいけど、揚げてる間にもっとすいちゃうかも〜?"
両方に行く? Why not both? Fever Up
Character response: "あははっ、転校生さんってば欲張り〜 ♪ そんなに食べられないよ〜"
購買部で甘いものを買う Buy something sweet from the store. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Ah, nice idea~☆! I'll go for some ice cream!"
Correct Choice: Buy something sweet from the store. (購買部で甘いものを買う)

Hinata Aoi mini event dance room 2
"I sure had a workout today~! I bet I'll be able to sleep like a log ♪ Hm? You're asking me how I get up in the morning?"
Location: Dance Room
目覚まし時計 By alarm clock Yellow Fragments
Character response: "俺は布団に入ったらすぐ寝れるから、朝もぱっと起きられるんだよ〜♪ 目覚ましいらずでいい子でしょ〜?"
ゆうたの声かけ By Yuuta's voice Blue Fragments
Character response: "Rather, it's the opposite? Yuuta-kun is kinda bad with mornings, I'm the one who wakes him up everyday!"
自力で起床 By yourself Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "そうそう、俺は寝覚めいいから起きたいときに起きられるんだよ! (Yup yup, waking up is easy for me so when I want to get up I can just do it!)"
Correct Choice: By yourself (自力で起床)

Hinata Aoi Mini Event Garden Terrace
"スイーツ男子、ひなたくんの参上~! ねぇねぇあんずさん、甘いもの食べたくない?"
Location: Garden Terrace
辛いものの気分 I'm in the mood for spicy food. Blue Fragments
Character response: "え〜、辛いものってゆうたくんの得意分野じゃん。いいけどね、明日になったら食べたくなるよ〜?"
食べたい I want to eat them! Heart (Fever)
Character response: "おっけ〜、そうこなくっちゃ! 購買部の新商品ですごい一品を発見したからあとで待ってくね!"
お腹いっぱい I'm full. Blue Fragments
Character response: "ほらほら、甘いものは別腹って言うでしょ? 無理って思っても案外入っちゃうんだから、いけるってっ ♪"
Correct Choice: I want to eat them! (食べたい)

Hinata Aoi Mini Event Staircase
"あんずさん、知ってる? 階段の手すりがピカピカなのは何故でしょう~♪"
Location: Staircase
わからない I don't know. Heart (Fever)
Character response: "正解は〜、俺たちが手すりの上を滑ってるから! ターンに注意して一気に上から降りるとスカッとするんだよ〜 ☆"
知らなかった I didn't know. Red Fragments
Character response: "あれっ、気づいてなかった? そっか、先に誘導しておくべきだったなぁ。失敗失敗。"
掃除されてるから Red Fragments
Character response: "違うよ〜、そんな当たり前なことは問題にしないよ? もっと頭をやわらか〜くして答えて!"
Correct Choice: I don't know. (わからない)