Chiaki Morisawa mini event ground
"What's wrong, Transfer student? You want to know the reason why I'm always so full of energy...? Well, I try out all kinds of things. What do you think seems like the most probable reason?"
Location: Ground
Balanced diet. バランスのよい食事
Character response: "That's right. Eat a lot and chew well! Don't be picky with your food! .... well, eggplants are kind of, you know."
Jogging. ジョギング
Character response: "I guess stamina building does support my energy, doesn't it! Today, as well, I'll run all home with all my strength!"
Early to bed, early to rise. 早寝早起き Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "It's nice to have a well-regulated lifestyle! I wake with the first ray of sunlight and go to bed as soon as I get back home in the evening! I can fall asleep the moment I lay down on my mattress!"
Correct Choice: Early to bed, early to rise (早寝早起き).

Chiaki Morisawa mini event basketball court
"Out of my way, Transfer student! I'm being pursued by the minions that the Student Council vice-president sicced on me. I can't afford to lose my time here!"
Location: Basketball court
Refuse to get out of the way. 避けない
Character response: "Whoa there! We nearly collided into each other! What would've happened if you've gotten gravely injured? ... it's my fault!"
Crouch down. しゃがむ
Character response: "All right! Nice timing, Transfer student! But I feel bad about jumping over a girl! Sorry about that!"
Get out of the way. 避ける Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Thanks, Transfer student! I didn't expect them to pursue me like this just because I was running on the hallway! Hahaha ♪"
Correct Choice: Get out of the way (避ける).

Chiaki Morisawa mini event basketball court 2
"Hey there! Good job with producing today, Transfer student! I'm working hard, too, and I'm looking forward to my reward this weekend!"
Location: Basketball court
Sleeping until past noon. 昼過ぎまで寝ている
Character response: "What a waste! If you don't get up early, do your exercises, and eat breakfast, your energy for the day will get away from you!"
Watching the morning muscular-type bishojo anime. 朝の肉体派美少女アニメ
Character response: "Certainly, the girl in that show is like a hero show character. I look forward to it every time!"
Watching the morning hero show. 朝の特撮ヒーロー番組 Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "That's right! I found out recently that Sengoku is also watching that show, so we always share our thoughts with each other on Monday! Why don't you join us, Transfer student?"
Correct Choice: Watching the morning hero show (朝の特撮ヒーロー番組).

Chiaki Morisawa mini event rooftop
"Hey, Transfer student! I've been really into figures lately. They're really awesome. Time completely flies by when I play with them!"
Location: Rooftop
Figure skating? フィギュアスケート? Luck Down
Character response: "Ahh, now that you mention it, the competition of skating over ice also goes by that name, doesn't it! Is skating your specialty, transfer student?"
Bishojo figures? 美少女フィギュア?
Character response: "Hm? They're not figures of girls, you know? They're figures of heroes, that you can bend at their joints and recreate action poses with!"
Action figures? アクションフィギュア? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "How about it? Do you want to join me, Transfer student?"
Correct Choice: Action figures? (アクションフィギュア?)

Morisawa mini event garden terrace
"Ohh, you came to eat a meal as well, didn't you! I am also hungry, and so I came here while thinking of what to pick!"
Location: Garden Terrace
Shall I guess? 当てましょうか? Red Fragments
Character response: "Sure! If you get it correct, I shall share half of my fries with you...... Er, right now I just went and said it, didn't I!"
What shall we do? どうしましょうか
Character response: "That's right, isn't it, it seems like it would be good to secure a seat first, doesn't it? Is it okay for me to grab you a seat, too?"
Have you decided? 決まりましたか? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Yeah! I am still having difficulty deciding my main dish, but for now I've only decided that my side order will be fries!☆"
Correct Choice: Have you decided? (決まりましたか?)

Chiaki Morisawa mini event school gate
"Today is a good day too, isn't it! When there is something good from the morning, that alone makes your motivation spring forth many times more, don't you think!?☆"
Location: Rooftop
Did something good happen? 良いことありました? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Yeah! I got to greet everyone from "Ryuseitai" by the time I got to the entryway! Like an anime protagonist, right!?☆"
Are you okay? 大丈夫ですか? Blue Fragments
Character response: "D-did I say something weird......? Is that so, you haven't been able to encounter something good yet, have you?"
Something bad happened. 悪いことがありました
Character response: "Is that so? That is a shame, isn't it? Would you find something good and turn it around, starting from now? I'll help you with all my power, you know?"
Correct Choice: Did something good happen? (良いことありました?)

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