Arashi Narukami mini event lesson room
""・・・・・・ふぅ、柄にもなくがんばっちゃったわねェ。 疲れたときは甘いものが食べたいじゃない? どこか行きましょ♪"

"Whew, It's unlike me to work so hard. When you're tired it makes you want to eat sweets, right? Let's go somewhere ♪""

Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
購買部でお菓子を買う Buy snacks Yellow Fragments
Character response: ""そんなの駄目! こういうときは、自分にご褒美をあげなきゃ明日もがんばれないわよォ?"

"That's no good! At times like this, if you don't treat yourself you won't work hard tomorrow either?""

繁華街でケーキを食べる Eat cakes downtown Yellow Fragments
Character response: "”ケーキも食べたいわねェ・・・・・・? でも、ちょっと遠くないかしら。 アタシお腹すいちゃって近場がいいわァ”

”You want to eat cake...? But, that's not too close. I'm quite hungry so we should go somewhere close by.""

食堂でパフェを食べる Eat parfait in the canteen Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: ""いいじゃない、ちょうど今の時間はカフェメニューが食べられるし。 そうと決まれば今すぐ行かなくっちゃ♪"

"That's good, the cafe menu is being served at this time. If you've decided, we should go now ♪""

Correct Choice: Eat parfait in the canteen (食堂でパフェを食べる)

Arashi Narukami mini event 1st floor passage
"Ah, transfer student-chan! Have you seen my mirror? I dropped it..."
Location: 1st Floor Passage
ラインストーンのついたキラキラの鏡? The sparkly mirror with rhinestones? Yellow Fragment
Character response: "”んん、違うわねェ。 こんなキラキラしたの、普通科の女の子かスバルちゃんくらいよ”

”No, that's wrong. Something sparkly like this is suited for ordinary girls or Subaru-chan""

スタッズのついた強そうな鏡? The strong studded mirror? Luck Down
Character response: ""ちょっと、やだ~! そんな当たったら痛そうな鏡、誰のよォ!"

"No way! That looks like it hurts, whose is it!""

花のついたファンシーな鏡? The fancy mirror with the flowers? Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Yes, that's the one! Did you pick it up for me? You're a lifesaver! I feel oh-so-uncomfortable without my mirror!"
Correct Choice: The fancy mirror with the flowers? (花のついたファンシーな鏡?)

Arashi Narukami mini event hallway
"あら、転校生ちゃん! この前の雨の日、凄かったじゃな~い? 転校生ちゃんは何してたのかしらァ?

Oh, little miss Transfer Student! That rainy day recently, wasn't that crazy? What did you do, I wonder, little miss Transfer Student?"

Location: Hallway
てるてる坊主を作っていた I made a charm for good weather. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Ufufu.... a charm for good weather! I haven't made one since elementary school! ♪ Really, you are so cute, just like a little sister."
借リた漫画を読んでいた I read the manga I had borrowed. Luck Down
Character response: "What did you read? ...Shounen manga? Oh no, as a girl it would be better to read books filled with dreams."
クッキーを焼いていた I baked cookies. Fever Up
Character response: "You're making us refreshments while producing? You're so earnest/serious, I love that side of yo~u♪"
Correct Choice: I made a charm for good weather. (てるてる坊主を作っていた)

Arashi Narukami Mini Event AV Room
"……あらヤダ。転校生ちゃん、そんなに遠くから見つめてどうしたのォ? こっちいらっしゃいな!

......Oh no. Miss Transfer Student, why are you looking at me from that far away? Come over here!"

Location: AV Room
変わった体操をしていた That's a strange type of exercise Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: ""美容体操よ、これがとっても効くのよォ♪ せっかくだから、一緒にやってみない?"

"It's Calisthenics, this is a very effective workout ♪ Since I'm working hard, shall we do it together?"

今日も美しいと思った You look beautiful today too Blue Fragments
Character response: ""
ボタンを掛け違えている Your uniform isn't buttoned right Blue Fragments
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: That's a strange type of exercise (変わった体操をしていた)

Arashi Narukami Mini Event Hallway
"見て見て、クッキー焼いてきたのよォ♪ 楽しくて作り過ぎちゃったから、好きなだけ持っていって頂戴"
Location: Hallway
チェスのクッキー Checkerboard cookies Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "ふふ『Knights』らしいでしょ?一直線に手が伸びたわね、ちょっと嬉しいわァ。。。。。。♪"
花のクッキー Flower-shaped cookies Blue Fragments
Character response: ""
ハートのクッキー Heart-Shaped cookies Blue Fragments
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: Checkerboard cookies (チェスのクッキー)

Arashi Narukami Mini Event Lockers Area
"美容のトレンドってチェックしてる? 朝の洗顔ひとつでも、重要なポイントがいろいろあるって知ってるかしら?"
Location: Lockers Area
泡で洗顔 Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "ちゃんと洗顔してるのね、安心したわァ ♪ 周りの男はほとんど頓着してないから、気になって仕方がないのよォ。"
泥で洗顔 Red Fragments
Character response: ""
水でバシャバシャ Red Fragments
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: 泡で洗顔