Adonis mini event classroom

Transfer student. Did you eat a lot today, too?"

Location: Classroom
I'm on a diet right now. 今はダイエット中 Luck Down
Character response: "Diet......? My sisters are also very conscious of their weight but you look very fragile to me."
I'm eating like always. いつも通り食べている Fever Up
Character response: "I see, you have each meal properly. It's also important to eat regularly."
I ate a little too much. ちょっと食べ過ぎた Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "So you ate a lot. That's good. Eat more and become stronger."
Correct Choice: I ate a little too much (ちょっと食べ過ぎた).

Adonis Otogari mini event ground
"ふむ。動き回ると暑くて汗をかくな・・・・・・ 転校生も暑くて水分をとっているんだな。何を飲んでいる?

It's hot. Looks like you're keeping yourself hydrated, too, Transfer student. What are you drinking?"

Location: Ground
Coffee. 珈琲 Red Fragments
Character response: "I see, unexpectedly transfer student drinks such an adult drink. For me, it's too bitter to drink it."
Black tea. 紅茶 Blue Fragments
Character response: "My older sisters also drank a lot of black tea since they were about your age. Is there something so addictive about it?"
Sports drink. スポーツドリンク Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "That takes the least time for your body to absorb. It's good that you choose to ingest the best option, depending on the situation."
Correct Choice: Sports drink (スポーツドリンク).

Adonis Otogari mini event rooftop
"〜♪ ・・・・・・転校生、いたのか。休憩時間に余裕があったので、オカリナを吹いていた

~♪ ...Oh, you're here, too, Transfer student. I've been playing the ocarina, since I had nothing else to do during recess."

Location: Rooftop
I can play the harmonica. ハーモニカなら吹ける Luck Down
Character response: "Inhaling and exhaling, what a busy instrument. Pipes made from the earth and other elements feel more natural when you hold them in your hands."
I can whistle. 口笛なら吹ける Red Fragments
Character response: "...Hm. What a clear sound. Just listening puts you at ease. It’s very calming."
I can play the reed pipe. 草笛なら吹ける Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "I see. Looks like you play outside more than I thought, Transfer student. Why don't we play a tune together?"
Correct Choice: I can play the reed pipe (草笛なら吹ける).

Adonis Otogari mini event hallway

Hey, Transfer student. That's some big baggage you're carrying. Let me help. ...What's inside?"

Location: 2nd Floor Passage
Unwashed laundry. 溜まった洗濯物 Yellow Fragments
Character response: "So you have to do odd jobs as well? Being a producer seems like hard work."
Cloth for performing outfits. 衣装用の布 Yellow Fragments
Character response: "You have enough fabric prepared that you'll be able to sew any outfit. It's important to accumulate fabric day by day."
Rice balls. おにぎり Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "I see, you prepared these as refreshments for everyone, as they're working so hard at practicing. They will surely be happy to eat your homemade food. Looks like you're working hard in your own way, too."
Correct Choice: Rice balls (おにぎり).

Adonis Otogari mini event classroom 2
"うん? どうした、あんず。俺が熱心に本を読んでいるのが不思議か?

Hm? What is it, Anzu. Is it strange for me to be enthusiastically reading a book?"

Location: Classroom
A book in a foreign language? 外国語の本? Red Fragments
Character response: "そうだ。たまには母国の本を読んだりして言葉を忘れないように思い出している。

Yes. Sometimes I read books from my mother country so that I do not forget the language."

A discipline book? 躾の本? Red Fragments
Character response: "大神に躾を付ける? いや、大神はいいやつだ。朔間先輩の影響を受けているんじゃないか?

To use to discipline Oogami? No, Oogami is a good guy. Have you been influenced by Sakuma-senpai?"

A dictionary? 辞書? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "あぁ、難しい日本語もたくさんあるからな。時々こうして時間があるときに見て勉強している。

Ah, since there are a lot of difficult Japanese words. Sometimes I study when I have time."

Correct Choice: A dictionary? (辞書?)

Adonis Otogari mini event school gate
Location: School Gate
Are you interested in ninja? 忍者に興味はある? Blue Fragments
Character response: "あぁ、仙石が憧れている職業だな。・・・・・・職業ではないのか?民族か種族ということなのか?"
Are you interested in Japanese swords? 日本刀に興味はある? Blue Fragments
Character response: "ないわけではないが、神崎がよく怒られているので持ちたいとはあまり思わないな。"
Are you interested in food? 食べ物に興味はある? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "もちろんだ。食文化の違いは大好きが、いろんな食べ物があるのは面白い・・・・・・ ♪

Of course. I love the variances in food culture, there are a lot of types of food so it's interesting... ♪"

Correct Choice: Are you interested in food? (食べ物に興味はある?)