Event Japanese/English Notes Obtained by:
Morning - Greeting


He~y! Mornin'~♪

Intimacy Rank 4

Morning - Topic

今日も元気かな?元気じゃないと心配だよ~、僕のプロデューサーなんだからねっ♪ Intimacy Rank 18

Afternoon - Topic 1

うわ〜!ごめん!僕、エビとか... ...魚とか苦手なんだよね... ...

Waah~! Sorry! I... with shrimp... and fish, I'm no good... (or I'm no good with shrimp and fish)

He's saying he can't/doesn't like to eat it Intimacy Rank 6

Afternoon - Topic 2

お昼休憩〜♪ ... ...ってサボってないよ!?休息も大事だって思わないよ!?

Lunch break~♪ I'm not skipping class, alright?! Don't you think rest is important?!

Intimacy Rank 20

Evening - Topic 1

はいはい〜♪ そろそろお帰り?僕もまだまだ付き合うよ!

Yep yep~♪ Is it about time to go home? I'll still be keeping you company!

Intimacy Rank 8

Evening - Topic 2

... ....えぇっと。一日中僕と一緒にいて疲れちゃった〜、なんてことないよね?

Umm. You're not thinking stuff like, man, having to be around him all day is exhausting~, right?

Intimacy Rank 22

Night - Topic 1

わ〜、君って夜更かしさんだね... ...!僕のデーターベースに記録しておくよ!

Wow~ You sure are a night owl, huh! I should make note of that in my database!

Intimacy Rank 13

Night - Goodnight

ん〜... ...僕はもう眠いなぁ... ...おやすみなさい〜

Nn~ I'm pretty sleepy already... Good night~

Intimacy Rank 26
Sweet Words - 1 From the "confession" video. Intimacy Rank 27

Cut in - 1


Intimacy Rank 12

Cut in - 2

見せどころだね Intimacy Rank 19

Cut in - 3

Intimacy Rank 25

Victory - 1


(We) did it~♪

Intimacy Rank 7
Victory - 2 みんなデータ以上のシンクロ率だねっ! Intimacy Rank 14

Victory - 3

僕の力認めてくれたかな? Intimacy Rank 21

Defeat - 1


It's useless....

Intimacy Rank 9

Defeat - 2

最強メンツだと思ったのになあ~。。。 Intimacy Rank 17

Defeat - 3

Intimacy Rank 23
Side as a student


Just voice out whatever you don't know, I'll teach you okay!

Intimacy Rank 3
Side as an idol

転校生ちゃんのスパルタ指導、期待してるよ! 僕も精一杯頑張るからさ♪

I'm looking forward to Tranfer Student's spartan training! I'll give it my very best♪

Makoto usues the suffix "-chan" for Transfer Student. Completing Makoto's Special Event in Trickstar Course
Other - 1 ううん。。。今の僕に何ができるのか、足りないのか。。。教えてくれないかな? Intimacy Rank 11
Other - 2 人気の学食とか幻の裏メイユー、なんでも教えてあげるよ♪ Intimacy Rank 16
Other - 3 Intimacy Rank 24
Praise - 1


Not bad♪

Intimacy Rank 5
Praise - 2 Unlock in (Sharing Lunch) Makoto Yuuki Idol road
Praise - 3 Unlock in (Fully Charged) Makoto Yuuki Idol road
Line from Main Story 1 Unlock in (Standstill) Makoto Yuuki Idol road
Line from Main Story 2 Unlock in (Fully Charged) Makoto Yuuki Idol road

Event Japanese/English Notes Obtained by:
Anytime 1 おぉ!僕にそんなに興味があるの〜?

Ooh! Are you that interested in me~? (or Am I that interesting [to you]~?)

Anytime 2


Haha~ jeez, am I really that popular?

Anytime 3


Woah! What's the matter!?

Anytime 4


What's up, what's up?

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