Event Japanese/English Notes Obtained by:
Morning - Greeting おう。おはよう、嬢ちゃん。毎日元気に来ているな

Hey. Morning, missy. You come full of energy every day don't you

Intimacy Rank 4

Morning - Topic

今日もよろしくな、嬢ちゃん。 ...... じゃあ、レッスンを始めてもらおうか

Let's work together today too, missy. ... Then, why don't you get started with the lessons

Intimacy Rank 18

Afternoon - Topic 1


Ah, that such as I would be able to walk boldly under the skies...

Intimacy Rank 6

Afternoon - Topic 2


It's noon. What are you gonna do about lunch missy, do you want to eat at the cafeteria or go purchase something?

Intimacy Rank 20

Evening - Topic 1


When you're with someone like me all day long, isn't it stifling?

Intimacy Rank 8

Evening - Topic 2


Someone like me is the captain of the karate club, there are guys who idolize me as "boss"

Intimacy Rank 22

Night - Topic 1

...こんな時間に嬢ちゃんみたいな女の子がうろついてるのは、感心しねぇな ..

...Seeing a girl like you wandering around at this time, I feel worried...

Intimacy Rank 13

Night - Goodnight


What's wrong, you can't sleep? I'll stay with you until you do, so relax and try to fall asleep...

Intimacy Rank 26
Sweet Words - 1 ......睨んじゃいねぇよ、嬢ちゃんの顔がよく見てぇだけだ

...I'm not glaring at you, I'm just getting a good look at your face

From the "confession" video. Intimacy Rank 27

Cut in - 1


Let's go

Intimacy Rank 12

Cut in - 2

よく聞いておけよ! Intimacy Rank 19

Cut in - 3

型に嵌めてやろうか! Intimacy Rank 25

Victory - 1


It's my victory.

Intimacy Rank 7
Victory - 2 俺たちは馬が合うな

We're in sync aren't we

Intimacy Rank 14

Victory - 3


We've gotten done what we needed to

Intimacy Rank 21

Defeat - 1


I did have the luck....

Intimacy Rank 9

Defeat - 2


Going on like this is no good...

Intimacy Rank 17

Defeat - 3

気に食わねぇな Intimacy Rank 23
Side as a student 何事も慣れねぇうちは誰かに頼れよ、嬢ちゃん。俺も助けになりてぇと思っている

You should always rely on someone while you're not used to something, missy. I want to be of help as well

Intimacy Rank 3
Side as an idol 俺がどんなアイドルか気になるか?……語るのは得意じゃねぇんだ。舞台で見ていてくれ

Interested in what type of idol I am? ... I'm bad at explaining. Watch me on stage

Completing Kuro's Special Event in Akatsuki Course
Other - 1 ……暴力では、何も解決しねぇんだ。簡単に力をふりかざすのはよくねぇ

...Violence, doesn't solve anything. Resorting to fighting so easily isn't good

Intimacy Rank 11
Other - 2 ...... あぁ、眉間の皺か?怒ってるわけじゃねぇよ、つい癖でな。うちの妹にもよく注意されちまう

... Ah, my brows are knitted? It's not like I'm mad or anything, just a habit. My sister points that out a lot too

Intimacy Rank 16
Other - 3 今度、裁縫を教えて欲しい......?俺でいいなら何でも教えてやるよ

This time, you want me to teach you sewing...? If you're okay with me I'll teach you anything

Intimacy Rank 24
Praise - 1 うし、いいぞ

Hmph, not bad

Intimacy Rank 5
Praise - 2 おう、ほんとよく出来た嬢ちゃんだ

Uh, you really did well missy

Unlock in (Sewing Expert) Kuro Kiryu Idol road
Praise - 3 Unlock in (Burning Spirit) Kuro Kiryu Idol road
Line from Main Story 1 Unlock in (Returning) Kuro Kiryu Idol road
Line from Main Story 2 Unlock in (Burning Spirit) Kuro Kiryu Idol road

Event Japanese/English Notes Obtained by:
Anytime 1 何か用か、嬢ちゃん?

Do you need me for something, Missy?

Anytime 2 ふぅ、嬢ちゃんは甘えん坊だな

Heh, you sure are spoiled missy

Anytime 3 ......うおっ!?......驚かすじゃねぇか
Anytime 4 あんまり俺にかまわないほうがいいぞ、嬢ちゃん

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