Event Japanese/English Notes Obtained by:
Morning - Greeting Intimacy Rank 4

Morning - Topic


Hey, hey, don't space out so early in the morning!

Intimacy Rank 18

Afternoon - Topic 1


Tsk... My lunch ran away...

Intimacy Rank 6

Afternoon - Topic 2

あぁん? 俺様は鼻がきくんだよ、テメ~何か隱し持ってんじゃね~か?

Haa? My sense of smell is sharp, y'know. Aren't you hiding something yummy?

Intimacy Rank 20

Evening - Topic 1


I'm a proud lone wolf. Don't address me so casually!

Intimacy Rank 8

Evening - Topic 2


Hey hey, the day is getting late. Do you plan to keep me waiting!?

Intimacy Rank 22

Night - Topic 1

うわっ! なんだ、おまえか。こんな時間になにしてやがる

Uwa! What the, you? What are you doing this late?

Intimacy Rank 13

Night - Goodnight


I can't keep dealing with you. Go to sleep already. 'Night.

Intimacy Rank 26
Sweet Words - 1 Uuh? You're mine right? From the "confession" video. Intimacy Rank 27

Cut in - 1

Intimacy Rank 12

Cut in - 2

Intimacy Rank 19

Cut in - 3

Intimacy Rank 25

Victory - 1

Intimacy Rank 7
Victory - 2 Intimacy Rank 14

Victory - 3

Intimacy Rank 21

Defeat - 1

Intimacy Rank 9

Defeat - 2

Intimacy Rank 17

Defeat - 3

Intimacy Rank 23
Side as a student 俺様が付き合ってやるんだから喜べ、感謝しろよ! Intimacy Rank 3
Side as an idol 俺様が付き合ってやるんだから喜べ、感謝しろよ! Completing 's Special Event in  Course
Other - 1 Intimacy Rank 11
Other - 2 Intimacy Rank 16
Other - 3 Intimacy Rank 24
Praise - 1 やるじゃねーか! Intimacy Rank 5
Praise - 2 Unlock in (Warning) Koga Oogami Idol road
Praise - 3 Unlock in (Howling Wolf) Koga Oogami Idol road
Line from Main Story 1 Unlock in (Mad Dog) Koga Oogami Idol road
Line from Main Story 2 Unlock in (Howling Wolf) Koga Oogami Idol road

Event Japanese/English Notes Obtained by:
Anytime 1
あぁん? なんだ?

Haa? What?

Anytime 2
おわっ!? チッ......ウゼェ......

Wha!? Tsk... Annoying...

Anytime 3
はんっ! 俺様と共にいられることに感謝しな!

Hmph! Be grateful I allow you to be with me!

Anytime 4

Hey, Don't pet me! It's irritating!

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