Event Japanese/English Notes Obtained by:
Morning - Greeting

おはよう、愛しのタンポポちゃん♪ じゃなくて、転校生ちゃん♪

Morning, my beloved Dandelion-chan♪ No wait, Transfer Student-chan♪

T/N: Tanpopo means dandelion, he remarked how Anzu is more like a dandelion than a rose in his Sub-story chapter 1. Intimacy Rank 4

Morning - Topic

さては俺に会いにきてくれたの?熱烈アピールだね~嬉しいよ♪ Intimacy Rank 18

Afternoon - Topic 1


Here, afternoon rest is important. Come over here and relax, come on♪

Intimacy Rank 6

Afternoon - Topic 2

おや、今日もレッスンのお誘いなのかな?まぁいいけど、君とふたりっきりなら悪くないかもね Intimacy Rank 20

Evening - Topic 1

もっと一緒にいてくれるんだね!もしかして俺の気持ちが伝わったのかな? Intimacy Rank 8

Evening - Topic 2

お疲れ様!俺のためにがんばってくれる君は、ほんと可愛いね♪ Intimacy Rank 22

Night - Topic 1


To come and see me at this time, you're pretty daring

Daring or bold Intimacy Rank 13

Night - Goodnight

眠れないの?じゃぁ楽しい子守唄でも歌ってあげよっか ……さぁ、おやすみ

Can't sleep? Then I'll sing a lullaby for you.... then, good night

Intimacy Rank 26
Sweet Words - 1 I'll show you my serious side, be prepared. From the "confession" video. Intimacy Rank 27

Cut in - 1


Isn't it fun

Intimacy Rank 12

Cut in - 2

さあ、かかっておいでよ! Intimacy Rank 19

Cut in - 3

Intimacy Rank 25

Victory - 1


I'm happy♪

Intimacy Rank 7
Victory - 2 みんな笑顔でハッピーって感じ? Intimacy Rank 14

Victory - 3

君を楽しませたかな? Intimacy Rank 21

Defeat - 1

こんなのやめやめ! Intimacy Rank 9

Defeat - 2

駄目だったね、解散解散 Intimacy Rank 17

Defeat - 3

ごめんね、負けちゃった。反省反省 Intimacy Rank 23
Side as a student 俺、面倒なことやだから、学院の厄介事なんて気にしないで楽しく呑気にやろうよ Intimacy Rank 3
Side as an idol 俺も君のおかげで、良いアイドルになってきたかな、君の理想に近づいてる? Completing Kaoru's Special Event in UNDEAD Course
Other - 1 変な目に遭いそうなら俺のところにおいで、…って俺が一番怪しまれてるなぁ Intimacy Rank 11
Other - 2 君を見てると和むんだよね~、だから会えると嬉しいよ、ほんとほんと! Intimacy Rank 16
Other - 3 ごちゃごちゃうるさい奴は嫌いなんだ。その点、海は静かでいいよ。君もそう思わない? Intimacy Rank 24
Praise - 1


Nice, nice~

Intimacy Rank 5
Praise - 2 夢みたいだよ、ハニー

This is like a dream, honey.

ハニー is read as "hanii" which is just the Japanese pronounciation of honey. Unlock in (Appeal) Kaoru Hakaze Idol road
Line from Main Story 1 おいおい、そんなに見つめないでくれる? 男に見られて喜ぶ趣味はないんだけど? Unlock in (Breezy Player) Kaoru Hakaze Idol road

Event Japanese/English Notes Obtained by:
Anytime 1


To be this close to you, I'm kinda happy.....

Anytime 2


Thanks, I too, want to be friends with you

Anytime 3


Oya, what's up?

Anytime 4


Uwaa! You scared me

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