Yuta intimate event school gate
"My brother has pranked me again..."
Location: School Gate
Area Touched Response Result
Chest 背中 に 何 か 貼ら れ て ます か ? あぁ 、 制服 が ちょっと 乱れ まし た か Good
Head Even you are pranking me~ That's mean! Ok
Arm I'm not injured, okay? Happy
Best Choice: Arm

Yuta Aoi Intimate 2nd floor passage
"I have to do my make-up myself, too, but it's pretty hard, isn't it?"
Location: 2nd floor passage
Area Touched Response Result
Head Woah, that surprised me! I thought that was my brother! Ok
Chest 肌がきれいでうらやましい、ですか? 特に何もしてないですけどね・・・・・・? Good!!
Arm Is this how I should hold it? I see, it's easy to put it on this way! Happy
Best Choice: Arm

Yuta Aoi Intimate Hallway
"Apart from being twins, are there any other areas we could appeal to the audience?"
Location: Hallway
Area Touched Response Result
Head Y-you're saying that my forehead is cute...? I feel a little embarrassed, though... Happy
Best Choice: Head

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