Wataru Hibiki intimate event music room
"Ah! This lesson is so fun, it's been a while since my brain's been stimulated like this......☆"
Location: Music room
Area Touched Response Result
Head Good
Chest Fufufu. I'm getting embarrassed seeing you pursue me to this point! What a joyous occasion! Happy
Arms OK
Best Choice: Chest

Wataru Hibiki intimate event 2nd floor passage
"I'll try walking backwards today! I might get to see an amusing reaction if I do... ☆"
Location: 2nd floor passage
Area Touched Response Result
Hand OK
Chest Oh!? ...Fufufu, I can't believe you surprised me. What a splendid occasion! Happy
Head Good
Best Choice: Chest

Wataru Hibiki intimate event theater club room
"I'm not feeling the thrill today. Maybe I'll try a more peaceful approach once in a while... ♪"
Location: Theater club room
Area Touched Response Result
Chest Oh? You called me, did you not? That is right, I am your Wataru Hibiki! Good
Hand Woah, I can feel something fluffy and ticklish. What could it be? How pleasant... ☆ Happy
Head おや、髮を引っ張りましたね? 目を閉じていても、大体のことはわかっているのですよ・・・・・・ ☆ OK
Best Choice: Hand

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