Tori Himemiya Dance Room
"Ah geez, I'm tried! And I'm all sweaty, I want to hurry home!"
Location: Dance Room
Area Touched Response Result
Arm My hands are sticky too, huh. Thanks, Transfer student. Happy
Head I don't like sweating on my face much. Will you wipe it more? Good
Chest ちょっと! 庶民という分をわきまえてよね〜! 自分で拭けるから! OK
Best Choice: Arm

Tori Himemiya Intimate Event Garden Terrace
"What is it, Transfer Student? Do you need anything from me?"
Location: Garden Terrace
Area Touched Response Result
Head Fufu! Well, I can understand the feeling of wanting to come close to such an adorable being like me! Happy
Best Choice: Head

Tori Himemiya Intimate Garden
Location: Garden
Area Touched Response Result
Head Ok
Chest/Hand Good
Below the hands/stomach Happy
Best Choice: Below the hands/stomach

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