Tetora Nagumo Intimate Event Ground
"I messed up in front of Boss during practice today. Things aren't working out for me..."
Location: Ground
Area Touched Response Result
Arms あたた……くぅぅ! 転校生さんの気持ちが身にしみるッス!

Ah...... Kgh! Transfer student-san, your feelings pierce right into my heart!

Head 励ましてくれるんスね、ありがとうございます。 Good
Torso 落ち込んでる場合じゃないッスけど、今日はちょっとへこむッス OK
Best Choice: Arms

Tetora Nagumo Intimate Hallway
"Recently, the practice is strict and makes my whole body ache..."
Location: Hallway
Area Touched Response Result
Head "It's proof that you're doing your best"? I see, it's like a medal of honor, then! Happy
Arms 腕周りは、少したくましくなったと思うッス! Good
Torso わああ! もう勘弁スよ~! おもしろがって触るなんて! OK
Best Choice: Head

Tetora Nagumo Intimate Event Dance Room.PNG
"Auouch, I tripped in the middle of practice......"
Location: Dance Room
Area Touched Response Result
Arms Ehehe, I'll be careful not to be too naughty. Happy
Head ・・・・・・なんスか?背中とか打ってないんで、大丈夫ッスよ?

...What's up? I didn't hit my back or anything, so I'm alright?

Torso ' OK
Best Choice: Arms