Subaru Akehoshi intimate event lecture hall
"Gami-san gave me something yummy to bring home for Daikichi~"
Location: In front of lecture hall
Area Touched Response Result
Chest "Ah, that's right! I'm hungry, too. Shall we go grab something to eat? ☆" Happy
Arm "Ah, don't shake me~! He told me to be careful when taking this home." OK
Head ん? どうしたの〜? 転校生もほしいなら、少しだけ分けてあげよう! Good
Best Choice: Chest

Subaru Akehoshi intimate event basketball court
"Oh, transfer student! If you want to pass by here, you'll have to defeat me~"
Location: Basketball court
Area Touched Response Result
Head OK
Chest "Ahahaha! It tickles when you touch me there~ ☆" Happy
Arm Good
Best Choice: Chest

Subaru Akehoshi Intimate Classroom
"Aren't the saved marbles and coins are sparkling in the jar~?"
Location: Classroom
Area Touched Response Result
Head Good
Chest Hm? Not interested? Even though I think it's pretty... Ok
Sleeve Heheh~♪ I won't let you touch them for free, you know! Happy
Best Choice: Sleeve

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