Souma Kanzaki Intimate Event Rooftop
"Lord Hasumi has ordered me to refrain from actions such as drawing my sword immediately."
Location: Rooftop
Area Touched Response Result
Left Hand Happy
Chest Good
Best Choice: Left Hand

Souma Kanzaki Intimate School Gates
"There is a large amount of nature at this academy. I have a few places in mind to hold the perfect open-air tea ceremony."
Location: School Gates
Area Touched Response Result
Head Fufu, I'm overjoyed to see you hold an interest as well, Milady Transfer Student. Happy
Best Choice: Head

Souma Kanzaki Intimate Dance Room
"I'm terribly thankful for having you watch my training despite your busy schedule..."
Location: Dance Room
Area Touched Response Result
Head Good
Shoulder OK
Stomach そ、そうだな。せっかく付きあってもらっているというのに、時間を無駄にはできんな! Happy
Best Choice: Stomach

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