Ritsu Sakuma Intimate Event Gym
"Did I sleep in a weird position...? My hip hurts, I guess I'm already old huh..."
Location: Gym
Area Touched Response Result
Chest Rub my hips...? I probably won't be in pain where I rub it...? Happy
Waist/Arms ん? 今何かした? ストレッチでもしたほうがいいって? 動くのめんどくさ・・・・・・

Nn? What now? Stretching might help? Moving is too much of a pain...

Head これでもあんたより長生きしてんだからねぇ? 年寄りは大事にしなきゃ駄目でしょ・・・・・・? OK
Best Choice: Chest

Ritsu Sakuma Intimate Music Room
"Uuu... I can't sleep due to feeling a chill. Could it be my brother is cursing me...?"
Location: Music Room
Area Touched Response Result
Chest I'm telling you not to make any noise... Or better yet, warm me up. Happy
Head 別に熱があるとかじゃないし・・・・・・ Good
Best Choice: Chest

Ritsu Sakuma Intimate Lecture Hall
"Ah~... I just had a weird dream. I'll just sleep in a more comfortable place next time..."
Location: In Front of Lecture Hall
Area Touched Response Result
Head ん~, 寝癖 ? 直すのも面縄〈 さいから気に してないけど...... Happy
Arms わっ! 何なの? 冷たいんだけど・・・・・・ ジュース? 寝覚めの悪い時には有り難いかも・・・・・・ Good
Chest 服にいっぱい草がついてる・・・・・・? うわ、なんでこんなについてんの・・・・・・ OK
Best Choice: Head

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