Ritsu Sakuma Intimate Event Gym
"Did I sleep in a weird position...? My hip hurts, I guess I'm already old huh..."
Location: Gym
Area Touched Response Result
Chest Rub my hips...? I probably won't be in pain where I rub it...? Happy
Waist/Arms ん? 今何かした? ストレッチでもしたほうがいいって? 動くのめんどくさ・・・・・・

Nn? What now? Stretching might help? Moving is too much of a pain...

Head これでもあんたより長生きしてんだからねぇ? 年寄りは大事にしなきゃ駄目でしょ・・・・・・?

Is this because I've been alive longer than you? You just have to take care of old people.....?

Best Choice: Chest

Ritsu Sakuma Intimate Music Room
"Uuu... I can't sleep due to feeling a chill. Could it be my brother is cursing me...?"
Location: Music Room
Area Touched Response Result
Chest I'm telling you not to make any noise... Or better yet, warm me up. Happy
Head It's not like I have a fever... Good
Best Choice: Chest

Ritsu Sakuma Intimate Lecture Hall
"Ah~... I just had a weird dream. I'll just sleep in a more comfortable place next time..."
Location: In Front of Lecture Hall
Area Touched Response Result
Head ん~, 寝癖 ? 直すのも面縄〈 さいから気に してないけど......

Nn~, I have bed hair? Well I don't mind fixing it because it looks bad but....

Arms わっ! 何なの? 冷たいんだけど・・・・・・ ジュース? 寝覚めの悪い時には有り難いかも・・・・・・

Whaa! What is this? It's cold but... Juice? That may be annoying if you don't want to wake up...

Chest 服にいっぱい草がついてる・・・・・・? うわ、なんでこんなについてんの・・・・・・

There's a lot of grass on my clothes...? Wow, why is that even concerning you...

Best Choice: Head