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"I've got to read out and collate our script with Mako-chin now. Gotta focus..."
Location: Broadcast Room
Area Touched Response Result
Chest Hey! The equipment there is expensive, don't just touch it thoughtlessly? Ok
Head Unyu!? What!? I can't concentrate, be a bit quieter! Good
Arms You bought the ice cream? Well then, better eat it before it melts or else it'll go to waste! Happy
Best Choice: Arms

Nazuna Nito Intimate Stage
"You get nervous during performances too? Well, although you can't see the stage wing, it's still part of the stage I guess."
Location: Stage
Area Touched Response Result
Arms Your hands are shaking? A producer should have faith in the idol and stand ready! Ok
Head ...... You, don't stare like that. Being looked at from so close, after all it's embarrassing. Good
Chest You're right. If you stretch when your body is tight you'll feel looser. Happy
Best Choice: Chest

Nazuna Nito Intimate 2nd floor passage
"Even though you seem busy recently, do you not have anything troubling you?"
Location: Second floor passage
Area Touched Response Result
Head H-hey! You're being too familiar petting me! I'm older than you! Ok
Chest All the Broadcasting Committee members have trained their core and mastered abdominal breathing. Good
Arms Fufu- If it's some consultation, leave it to Ni~chan! Happy
Best Choice: Arms