Midori Takamine Intimate Gym
"If I crouched down, maybe I'll shrink a little..."
Location: Gym
Area Touched Response Result
Head Hmm...? Would I shrink if you pat my head...? Happy
Arms Good
Torso 背の高さより、もっと鍛えたほうがいいってことですかね・・・・・・? OK
Best Choice: Head

Midori Takamine Intimate Event Dance Room
"I already did my best today, I did more than enough so I want to go home......"
Location: Dance Room
Area Touched Response Result
Torso Come to think of it my stomach feels empty, so I don't have any more strength... You brought something? Is it fine for me to have this...? ♪ Happy
Head へっ ! ? びっくりした ……。 先輩もがんばったって認つにつめてくれるんスね…… Good
Arms I-I still have to perform after this...? Please let me rest a little... OK
Best Choice: Torso

Midori Takamine Intimate Event Library
"(sigh)... it's not raining, but my head hurts..."
Location: Library
Area Touched Response Result
Torso E-Even if you pat me, I don't feel well, you know...? Happy
Arms 保健室にッスか・・・・・・? そうッスね、行ってきます・・・・・・ Good
Head (sigh)... I feel so blah. I'm sorry, please leave me alone for a bit.... OK
Best Choice: Torso

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