Makoto Yuuki Intimate Event Classroom
"It's my habit to be nervous, maybe more physical contact like a handshake would fix it?"
Location: Classroom
Area Touched Response Result
Chest Haha, I'm ticklish there. But maybe that fixed my nervousness a little? Happy
Arms おぉ!僕にそんなに興味があるの〜? ・・・・・・って、ちょっとオーバーかな?

Ooh! You're that interested in me~? ...Wait, that's a bit overboard, isn't it?

Head 転校生ちゃんに見つめられたら、さすがに緊張しちゃうよ・・・・・・

When Transfer Student-chan stares at me, I get nervous after all...

Best Choice: Chest

Makoto Yuuki intimate event 1st floor passage
"I gradually became much better at keeping up during basic practice.. I've come to be a lot like an idol, right?"
Location: 1st floor passage
Area Touched Response Result
Head Haha~ Am I really that popular? I'll have to decide on my hairstyle for today too ♪ Happy
Chest 度胸というか、メンタルはまだまだだけど、ちょっとずつ慣れていけたらいいよね。 Good
Arms えっ、握手?ちょ、ちょっと待ってね!心の準備が・・・・・・

Eh, a handshake? W-Wait a second! I haven't prepared my heart...

Best Choice: Head

"Don't you think that I'm starting develop an idol-like feel a little bit?"
Location: School Gate
Area Touched Response Result
Arms Did you want to shake hands while you still can? I might become a super popular idol, you know. ♪ Happy
Head わっ! どうしたの!? 眼鏡が気になるの? ・・・・・・本体の僕じゃなくて!? Good
Chest どうしたの? ……アイドルっぽいオーラを感じない? まだまだってことかぁ OK
Best Choice: Arms