Leo Tsukinaga Intimate Event 1st Floor Passage
"... huh? I can't really raise my shoulders. Maybe because I was so engrossed with writing on the walls?"
Location: 1st Floor Passage
Area Touched Response Result
Arm Aah, right, right~☆ The muscles in my arms had gotten all stiff! Happy
Chest Whoa! What, what is it? ... my back's all bent? So it'll get better if I stretched a little, huh? Good
Head Nnn~ ... stop that.... I'm thinking about what caused this. OK
Best Choice: Arm

Leo Tsukinaga Intimate Event Fountain
"Alright. With all these fallen leaves around here, I'll definitely be making progress with my notes ♪"
Location: Fountain
Area Touched Response Result
Head Ah, I got it, I got it! There are some leaves in my hair, right? Just brush them off however you like! Happy
Arm Huh? What's up? A bug on my arm? You don't need to concern yourself with that. Good
Chest Uwah! ... you surprised me! This tune poofed away because of just now! OK
Best Choice: Head

Leo Tsukinaga Intimate Event School Gate
"Huh? My bangs have got this weird bedhead going on!? Where, where is it~!?"
Location: School Gate
Area Touched Response Result
Stomach Oh, good! You're right! I don't really need to be concerned with such a tiny matter! Happy
Chest Wait! Let me think! There's definitely a mystery hidden in this! Good
Head .... don't you think it's embarrassing? I mean, Ruka-tan would've seen me like this in the morning... OK
Best Choice: Stomach

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