Kuro Kiryu intimate event library
"Hm. I'm grateful to see quite a number of illustrated books on fashion."
Location: Library
Area Touched Response Result
Chest Oh, sorry. I was blocking the book you wanted. OK
Head Did you need something, Miss? If there's a book in a high place, I'll get it. Happy
Best Choice: Head

Kuro Kiryu intimate event dojo
"My younger sister has asked me again to embroider an accessory for her. Do you think this pattern will make her happy?"
Location: Dojo
Area Touched Response Result
Arm So this pattern is better, after all. I wasn't very confident in that one, but if you say so, Miss, then I suppose you're right. Happy
Head ふっ、嬢ちゃんは甘えん坊だな。うちの妹でも、この柄は子供っぽいって言ってたんだ。 Good
Best Choice: Arm

Kuro Kiryu intimate event gym
"What's the matter, Miss? Don't we meet often lately?"
Location: Gym
Area Touched Response Result
Arm I see. The fact that we're meeting frequently is because a lot of people are needing you. Happy
Head あんまり俺にかまわないほうがいいぞ、嬢ちゃん。周りからいい印象はねぇと思うんだ。 OK
Best Choice: Arm

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