Kaoru Hakaze intimate event cafe
"Oh? What are you doing in a place like this? Are you looking for something?"
Location: Garden Terrace
Area Touched Response Result
Chest OK
Head Me? I'm not tired. You have it much rougher than I do. I'll get you some tea, so sit back and take a breather.... ♪ Happy
Right Arm Thank you, I also want to get along with you. But first, how about reducing the distance you are keeping between us? Good
Best Choice: Head

Kaoru Hakaze intimate event school gate
"Ah, Transfer student-chan! Lucky me to see you here ♪ Won't you oversee my producing session tomorrow?"
Location: School gate
Area Touched Response Result
Neck "Oh, what are you doing? Playing hide-and-seek?" Good
Arm OK
Sleeve "I can take that as an okay? Yay♪ I'll be looking forward to it then~" Happy
Best Choice: Sleeve

"Hey, Transfer student-chan♪ You're rather active today♪"
Location: Rooftop
Area Touched Response Result
Chest Because I do surfing, my torso is well trained. Good
Head You being so close, kinda makes me happy...... Happy
Arm Ahaha. You don't have to panic so much, I won't eat you, you know? OK
Best Choice:

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