Kanata Shinkai Intimate Event Ground
"Once in a blue moon, I "practiced" a lot today... ♪ It's been a long time since I've felt so tired..."
Location: Ground
Area Touched Response Result
Chest When "The Fish" receive too much attention, they get tired. I get tired too...... OK
Left Arm Can you "produce" again tomorrow? Let's make it a "pinky" promise... ♪ Happy
Best Choice: Left Arm

Kanata Shinkai Intimate Event Stairs
"On days where the weather isn't fine, let's observe the "fish" together in the "club room"~♪"
Location: Stairs
Area Touched Response Result
Head OK
Arm Are you going to observe the "fish" with me too, Ms Transfer Student? Happy
Chest 『あめ』がふりそうなひは、『みずあび』はおやすみですね。 Good
Best Choice: Arm

Kanata Shinkai Intimate Event Fountain
"Today's "swimming" was a great "stop" too...... ♪"
Location: Fountain
Area Touched Response Result
Head OK
Chest Would you... bubble bubble... with me...? ♪ Happy
Best Choice: Chest

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