Hokuto Hidaka intimate event classroom
"The upcoming quiz will apparently cover these areas..."
Location: Classroom
Area Touched Response Result
Arm "How come you're always hanging around me? Do you want me to help with your study?" Happy
Best Choice: Arm

Screenshots 2015-05-06-13-31-18
Area Touched Response Result
Arm OK
Head Somehow, this feels like how my grandma treated me when I was little. Happy
Shoulder OK
Best Choice: Head

Hokuto Hidaka intimate event music room
Location: Music room
Area Touched Response Result
Shoulder (left)/Arms A menu that puts together short training contents...? That sounds like it could be efficient. Happy
Chest どうした? いい案があるなら教えてくれ。

What is it? If you have a good idea, tell me.

Head I was just kidding. ...Concentrate. If even the producer doesn't have a consciousness, I'm in big trouble. OK
Best Choice: Shoulder (left)

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